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Event Review: Sab Chalta Hai, The Barking Deer

Last weekend, a bunch of my friends and I made our way to Lower Parel. That’s far, okay? And we were in a good mood. You know when you book tickets to a comedy show, you are going for a laugh and it always puts me in high spirits. Anyway, so we get to The Barking Deer at Lower Parel. This is in the same compound as Zaffran, Blue Frog and Cafe Zoe. Once there, we had to wait because the loft where the event was happening wasn’t open yet. The ticket entitled us to a house beer or a mocktails. We are such a bunch of wussies- we all had a mocktail. But that’s not the point. Let’s review the act, because that’s why you are here.

Sab Chalta Hai by Chalta Hai Comedy at The Barking Deer, Lower Parel


Reference image taken from Google


Once we got front row seats because we are daredevils like that, we ordered some food. Because we are also classy, we placed it on the seats ahead of it effectively rendering it useless for other people. Then, we all huddled around the tiny bar and as mentioned, ordered mocktails (delish btw).

The place is tiny. It had about 40 odd seats and not much more. We got extended happy hours with the ticket price as well.

The show got underway with this guy Punit taking to the stage. He was the host and kind of set the mood. He wasn’t exceptionally funny but decent. This particular set of people from Chalta Hai Comedy seem to have a penchant for powerpoint. And these have no place in a comedy act. It’s extremely dull. After about 20 minutes of Punit and the owner of The Barking Deer talking, Kunal Kamra came to stage and thank god for that. He was really good. Funny, clever and smart. Till this point, we were okay.

Kunal Kamra

Kunal Kamra saves the day. 

Then a guy called Regu/Reghu came to stage. What a complete downer. His jokes were average at best and some were from whatsapp! His entire set involved taking his audience through a powerpoint. What is with these people? His jokes were lazy and rubbish. They do have a topic they want to cover but it barely seemed like it.

Overall, you could save yourself a decent 300 bucks and watch Kunal Kamra live. The others were missable.

Event: Sab Chalta Hai 

Where: The Barking Deer, Lower Parel

The wallet is lighter by: Rs.300 inclusive of one house beer/ mocktail

Destress Quotient: 1 AAHs

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