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Itchy down there? 4 Reasons That’s Happening and Solutions

As I sit here writing this, droplets of sweat are racing against each other on my back. They are headed towards my ass and many more are at the starting line. So what we know for sure is that it is hot AF. That being said, what about the itchiness right? Well, here’s what you need to know.

First off, you could be itchy because there’s an infection. But if you don’t have one ( you only know you don’t have one if you’ve got it checked by your gyno) , then there are plenty of other reasons you are itchy down there and I put a list down for you. And because I am really nice, I have also offered workable solutions- or atleast the ones that worked for me.

  1. It’s hot out there


Look, it’s still sweltering out there and that could be a reason you are super itchy. I once scratched myself to a point where everytime I put water there, it would burn. So obviously I made a trip to the doctor. Her recommendations- skip the lacy, synthetic undies and switch to cotton- it’s less irritating to your skin. Also, while snug jeans and trousers make you look sexy, they wreak havoc with your crotch region. Her advice, wear flowy bottoms which allow for your skin to breathe and not feel suffocated.

2. Your periods are around the corner


Like we didn’t have enough on our plate already, it’s normal to get itchy around the time your periods are due. So, wait, PMS, tender breasts, cranky mood swings and now we get to be itchy as well? Isn’t this the best? Oh wait. It gets better. Because we all use super absorbent sanitary napkins, we get to experience this post our period as well. The top layer of the pad has lots of chemicals to make sure you feel dry. But that also means your skin gets agitated. Solution? Switch to cotton feel napkins (these do require plenty of changes though).

3. You shaved


If you haven’t come to a point where you’ve decided bikini waxes are better, you are probably still shaving. And then spending alone time give your crotch region some major scratching action. It’s normal to want to go to town with your nails when you start growing back hair. Just really, really try not to do it. Solution: Get a bikini wax. It’s not as scary as it looks. And I answered your questions here.

4. You overcleaned


Our vaginas our magical, magical things. Yup, they can push out babies, blood and clean themselves. So when you do clean, give the bits outside a nice rinse. The inside? Leave it alone. It doesn’t need any help from you. Also, avoid scented or fragranced products around this area, it can make you itchier. If this does happen, you’ll just have to wait it out. Till then, flowy clothes and cotton chaddis!

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