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Product Review: Lakme 9to 5 Lipstick in Toffee Nexus


I am not going to lie. I am a little worried about Instagram these days. Look, I am all for contouring and all that but when you start to get your footwear out and start lining your cheeks, it’s a little worrying. I mean, we are going to start picking up used tape, steel rods and what not and we may have to draw a line somewhere.

Anyway, now that we have discussed that people are downright crazy, let’s discuss lippies. Yay. Nudes are always fun to wear. Because why not wear something that can make your lips look exactly like they do but just all the same shade. I have been on the fence about nude lipsticks but the more I wear them the more I like them. I was strongly recommended the Lakme 9 to 5 lipstick in Toffee Nexus. And here’s how it did.

Lakme 9 to 5 Lipstick 


Feel: The lipstick is easy to swipe on and the it feels quite nice for a lipstick that does matte right. It doesn’t dry out the lips which is a good thing. The bullet is easy to handle but the amount of product may be a little less than your regular lipsticks.

Fragrance: It smells mildly like makeup. I can work with that.

Price: I bought it a while ago so I don’t remember the exact price but it’s retailing at Rs.360-400 online right now.

Shade: Toffee Nexus.  See swatch below.


The Water Test: I like to test my lipsticks with the ‘Water Test’ which is where I apply the lipstick and drink water from the glass and see if its transferable and if the colour stays put. This one does get onto the glass a little bit so I am not sure if it staying power is as long as it claims- 9 to 5.


Verdict: I really like the shade  of the lipstick. However, Lakme makes two claims with this product. One that it is creaseless which you can see in my picture, it clearly isn’t. Second, I doesn’t stay put for very long and that is a bit of a bummer. It also starts to dry out the lips after a while and that sucks. However, for it’s price point, we could do a couple of swipes during the day.

Destress Quotient: 3.5 AAHs

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