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Store Review: Decathlon, Mumbai

So before I headed out for my cycling trip in the Himalayas, I made my way to the Decathlon store in Mumbai. Now, let me tell you this. If you are a sports enthusiast of any sort, you are going to be walking out with almost an empty wallet. I mean, this place has everything an adventure or sports junkie would need and then stuff you don’t need but want to buy anyway. It’s like the Sephora of the beauty world. The only bummer? It’s located in some godforsaken part of Thane. Let’s get into the store review, shall we?

The Area


It’s in some far off corner of Thane where no one goes. Sometimes people go there but I bet their phone is on roaming. No really, it’s too far. But a trip to this place is well worth your time.  Because it is tucked away in a corner, its visibility is practically zero which should affect sales, or so I thought. I was there on a sweltering summer day in the middle of the afternoon and the place had a quite a crowd so people must be trudging across town for it. Bad location though. Bad. Bad. Very bad.

The Space


Maybe the reason they are located in another state is because they needed a lot of space. I mean, this store is huge. And when I mean huge, I mean ginormous. There are sections for almost every sport- I spotted the cycling, the hiking, the basketball, swimming and a lot more. They have equipment from head to toe for almost all of them. Then they have sizes in each of these. They also have a clothing section where you can find stuff for your exercise regime and all that. I basically went from one section to another picking up everything and then just trying to make really difficult choices on whether the pick t-shirt works better than the turquoise one for yoga.

The Experience


I hated that I had to travel so much to buy stuff from Decathlon. But once there, I loved it. To give you an idea, I went there to get a backpack for my travels but after I found it I spend a good 2 hours there simply browsing and chalking up a bill for which I sold a kidney. They have a Workshop section where you can get your bicycle whipped into shape. They also had lots of kids doing their summer internships there so that was fun to watch. I did ask a couple of questions to the staff I saw but it seemed like only one man had the answers. Overall, the people in charge of the section do know their stuff but if they are out the rest of the staff tends to fumble. If you want something for a sporting trip or an adventure thing you are doing, take a trip to Decathalon. It’s going to be fun. And you come out poor- what’s not to love about that?

Ooh and try and avoid falling for their tempting deals, you end up with too many things you don’t need. Also, their website does no justice to what’s available at the store.

Brands available: Quechua, Domyos, Kalenji, besides the usuals.

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