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Product Review: Makeup Revolution London Ultra Blush Palette in Golden Sugar

Posting on my blog is the highlight of my day. I love the highlights in my hair. Sometimes, I used a highlighter to study during my exams. Subtle but you get it right? No?

We are talking about highlight today. We are technically talking about this blush palette but ti’s so good at highlighting I use it for that. It doesn’t matter what I use it for, let’s discuss how it performs, shall we?


This is me. Highlightless. That’s a real word. 

Makeup Revolution London Ultra Blush Palette in Golden Sugar

I bought this palette from this Nykaa. I wasn’t expecting much from the product. Actually, I wasn’t expecting anything at all. The product looked interesting from the pictures and for a blush palette it wasn’t priced too high, so I ordered it. So the thing is, even though it is called a blush palette, I think it’s better suited to highlighting. It does have two shades that could be used for contouring but these have a slight shimmer to them which makes me wary of using it for contouring.


Feel: It doesn’t feel very soft or silky- I mean it’s not like its rough but it’s definitely like it’s very soft.

Fragrance: Did not smell it. No really. Okay, I didn’t. It didn’t smell of anything, okay? Gosh.

Price: Rs. 1350 for 13g

Buy it at:  Nykaa and other beauty websites.

Verdict: As shades of blush, na-ah. But as a highlighter palette , this product kicks some butt. I do mix colours – I think just one doesn’t give me the finish I want but once mixed, the effect is soft, glowy and amazing AF. This will keep your highlight game on fleek. And I used it on a client and it lasted all day! In this heat! *faints due to excitement*. I will tell you this- the first shade on the left? Yeah, too white to be used well on Indian skin but the others- very, very good. Also, also for the price, it’s a great colour payoff.

On the downside, the colours don’t have a name and number so if I want to recommend it, I assume I would have to suggest the whole palette . Hmpf.



Happy, highlighted/highlit? me. 


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