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6 Tips to Get Yourself Out of Bed and Workout

‘I don’t have time’

‘I will start on Monday. Promise’

‘This week is hectic but definitely from the 1st of the next month’

If you’ve told yourself or anybody you know any of these things, you know that they are excuses. Yes, they do seem legit to you. You really don’t have time. But is that good enough to skip a workout? I am going to tell you the ugly truth. Nope. Not good enough.

So here’s 5 ways you get yourself to workout. Some of it is emotional and will give you a little guilt, but it works and that’s important right? And no, the tips don’t include take the stairs kind of stuff.

  1. Don’t have time to workout? Break it up.


So they recommend working out for atleast 30 minutes to an hour a day. You don’t have that much to spare. Or. Or you don’t want to wake up earlier for it. There’s a solution. Do it in intervals of ten. 10 minutes in the mornings, 10 minutes walk during lunch and 10 minutes in the evening. Or a combination of these. It works and there’s no pressure to put in too much at one time. Win-win, yes?

2. Pay for a gym. Serious.


Pay some ridiculous amount for a gym. Yes, this sounds like a cray-cray idea. But it works. The guilt of having paid that money will get to you at some point. And when it does, I will be there wagging a finger at you and telling you, ‘I told you so.’ Maybe that’s just creepy but trust me, at some point, you will workout because you’ve paid.

3. A small workout is better than no workout.Cycling

If you haven’t had the time to burn off some calories, don’t excuse yourself from even a 10 minute workout you could fit in. Say while watching TV. Or browsing Facebook. 10 minutes only- that’s fine. Jog it out. Only 5 minutes? Okay, 10 burpees. Any little thing is better than nothing.

4. Find your fitness nirvana


I found from many years of working out that I absolutely hate the treadmill and will do anything to get away from it. I hate working out indoors. I like running and dancing. And weight training. Like me, you just have to experiment – sometimes a lot- to find the workout you love. Something that makes you want to get up and get going. Find that sweet fitness mantra and you’ll never skip a calorie torching session again.

5. When you get into it, really feel the burn.


When you’ve time and you workout, don’t stop till you really feel the pain. Lots of people would recommend easing into it. What worked for me was different. When I have a good workout and I am red and sweaty and dripping, there’s this immense kind of satisfaction I feel. A satisfaction that cannot be replaced. Aim to reach that place. It’s insanely addictive.

6. Wake up early. Finish in the AM.

This is a magic trick. I am not lying to you. Wake up just 30 minutes earlier and finish your calorie torching activity. Do what you love. You know why this works? Because you don’t have to hurry up the rest of your day or work around any other activity to fit in a workout. You’re already done. Cue to feel smug.




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