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5 Tips to Keep Your Skin Looking Fabulous in Summer

Guys, it’s hot outside. I mean, you know but god, it’s really hot. Like you are just sitting there , minding your own business and sweat starts trickling down your spine and wetting your pants. I am going to petition to go clothes-free during summer. I believe there will be many takers.

Anyway, if you are the kind who still wants clothes to be compulsory, then fine. Be like that. Point being, summer can make it very tough to want to put on anything on face. Mostly because you feel like your face is melting. Obviously, you don’t want tonnes of makeup goop on your face. Which is why I have put together 5 skincare tips to keep your skin looking awesome. And not like you threw a giant pot of oil on your face before you walked out of home.

  1. Keep hydrated but be smart about it.


Look, you can’t stop applying moisturizer all together okay? No. No, this is non-negotiable. You’ll have to wear something to keep your skin hydrated. I suggest replacing your regular creamy moisturizer with a gel one. My picks are here. I give you three options and all as well. Gels disappear off the skin while still treating your skin to some TLC.

Bonus: If you want to really enjoy wearing your moisturizer, keep it in the fridge. It’s cool and awesome when you wear it. Screw lid on tightly though.

2. You mist have it.


Carry a mist. You may think you don’t need it but trust me, when you are all sweaty, this cools you down like nothing else. It can calm down red, irritated skin as well so that’s a good thing as well. Plus, it’s a tiny bottle that does your skin a world of good. Why would you not want it?

Bonus: If you are super sweaty and the underarms are starting to stink, here’s a trick. Instead of applying deo (which you must anyway), spray some mist, dab armpit with tissues and then lay on the deo. It will smell much better. Yes, thank me later.

3. Puff it up.


When you carry a compact around and dab your face everytime it gets oily, you are still adding layers of makeup to your face. You know whats a better idea? Dab a powder puff in some loose powder (the puff goes for Rs. 35), tap off the excess and carry this puff around. Every time you get oily, dab this on and you are good to go. No extra makeup, same matte effect.

Bonus: The puff weighs literally nothing and there’s no chance of breakage!

4. Soak up some sun. Sunscreen.


It is a cardinal sin to step out in the summers without sunscreen. If you hate the whitish film that some sunscreens tend to leave on the face or just hate how sunscreen looks, switch to gel-based sunscreens. I know Lotus has one and so does Neutrogena.

Bonus: When it’s gel based, it’s colour-less and you don’t have to worry about finding the right colour for your skin.

5. Take it all off


Summer or winter, all makeup must be taken off before you hit the bed. Now, you may have a trusty cleansing milk lying around but that can be too heavy during the summer months. Switch to micellar waters- I have a review here. And use these to gently take off makeup.

Bonus: It’s only one product to do the job.



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