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Product Review: L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes

I am not a mascara fan. I mean, I like it. Like normal people do but I don’t pee myself over a great lash lengthening product. And since fake lashes are taking over the world, mascaras are slowly becoming a little less important to the makeup kit. I have been what fake lashes can do and that is some is some glorious awesomeness. You can almost look like a different person. If that’s what you are aiming for. Why are you aiming for that though?

Anyway, then I was trawling through Youtube as usual- no I do have stuff to do but Youtube is so insanely addictive. Anyhoo, we digress. So yes, I saw beauty bloggers going ‘OMG this masacara is the real deal ‘and all that and I thought, I must. I must buy it. Even if I don’t use it as much. So I bought it. And ladies and a few gentlemen (okay, one), I have to admit, this is the best mascara out there. No really, the best. Check out my review.


L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes in Extra Black



Feel: It flows like butter. Excuse the exaggeration, but yes, it’s quite nice and lovely and doesn’t clump. A quick comb through always helps though.

Fragrance: Why are you smelling mascara? Because you are like me. Anyway, it smells like mascara. Wow, surprised you there huh?

Price: Rs. 895 for

Buy it at:  L’oreal counters at department stores and beauty websites

Verdict: I LOVE it. I said it in all caps. I must’ve really loved it. I did. *swoons*. No seriously. It lengthens, it adds huge quantities of volume, it blackens and basically does a fab, fab job. Comes highly recommended. Yes, it’s expensive but it’s worth it. I have tried the other cult mascaras- The Great Lash from Maybelline and I have a MAC mascara as well. But nothing compares. I think it’s the awesome brush design that does the trick. *fangirls*.




Just look at the difference. My right eye has it. And left doesn’t. Also, please avoid noticing the pimple on my forehead. 🙂



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