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Review: Cinepolis, 4DX, Viviana Mall

Last week, I got a chance to watch The Jungle Book. And not just once, but twice. Yeah, I watched it once when I booked my tickets on my own and the second time I was invited to watch it by the people at Viviana Mall at Thane.

I watched it in 3D both times but the 4DX cinema had one more dimension to it and an interesting one at that. Here, the besides being able to experience the effects in 3d with the glasses, you also get to enjoy movement. So, basically, your seat moves with the characters in the movie. I am not childish- okay, maybe a little but I enjoyed this experience a lot. The seats move up when the character in the movie climbs up, and down when the movement is downwards. It also moves side to side but that seemed a little off when compared to what was happening in the movie. Occasionally, there’s also a burst of mist when there’s a splash in the movie and that’s a lot of fun. There was  tiny glitch and that was that one seat that wasn’t oiled well and kept creaking throughout the movie.


Verdict: I would strongly recommend taking friends and family along for a movie that everyone can enjoy. It is a tad pricey- the tickets go for Rs.450 but the ride is well worth it.


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