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Product Review: The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion

I am going to make a confession. These days, it’s almost impossible for me to go past a beauty/skincare shop without making a purchase. Which is good because, you know, I get products to review. But also bad because, you know, I end up being very poor. Anyway, I got this a while ago when my skin was breaking out and looking rather dull. The lady at The Body Shop promised me miracles with this and I was so desperate, I fell for it. But hey, I did try it out at the back of my hand and it seems quite awesome so that could have been a factor. Turns out, I should have paid more attention. Here’s my review of this product.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion


Feel: This is basically a scrub. A scrub with very, very fine granules but a scrub nonetheless. And it feels like sandpaper when you apply it to your face. And for that reason, I think if you go in too vigorously, it could be too abrasive and end up making your skin feel raw. I am extremely gentle with it.

Fragrance: I hate the smell. It smells like fake Vitamin C and then has this after smell that’s extremely chemically.

Price: Rs.1495 for 75ml


Verdict: I am poor because I buy products like these. Okay, I do buy others as well but this one doesn’t perform and it has to shoulder some blame. It’s for dull skin and it doesn’t brighten up my face, doesn’t make it look cleaner , doesn’t do anything. Basically, it doesn’t do its job. And I spent some decent money on it. It’s got such a sandpaper-y feel, I am always worried I am going to end up hurting my face. A big NO. Like a huge NO. A gargantuan NO. It does say it’s not suitable for sensitive skin and that you shouldn’t use it more than twice a week but hey, do your job!

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