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This Rs.350 Product is All You Need to Colour Correct Your Eyes (With step-by-step tutorial)

May I bring to your notice , for the one millionth time, that I am now a makeup artist? Yes, so one of the most important lesson I learned in my course was the art of correcting the under eyes so that the only sign of a hangover is your headache and your dark circles are nowhere to be seen.

Let me clear a few doubts first. So, the most important one. Is colour correcting different from concealing? Yes. Very much. What you are doing with a corrector is setting off the undertones of your skin. With concealing, you are even-ing out the skin tone and brightening the area up. Most Indian women have blue or purplish undertones under the eyes. This has to be set off by a corrector that’s salmon or peachy in colour.

Do I need a corrector?

If you’ve dark circles that are extremely prominent and no amount of concealer works, this could be the trick. Also, you know when your concealer starts looking grey after a bit? That ashen look can be completely avoided by correcting your undereyes first.

There is so much talk about colour correcting and Instagram is full of people colour correcting every single thing. There are a lot correctors. But this simple product can change your life. It’s not a fancy brand but it surprises me that more people are talking about this truly life-changing and affordable product.

I am talking about the Kryolan Camouflage Creme. At Rs. 350 for a pot, these guys are the absolute best. They correct superbly. They come in various shades and they won’t move no matter what product you conceal with.

Here’s a step by step on how to colour correct eyes.

Here’s the before look. Whoa! Just look at those dark circles.


Step 1: Take the corrector at the back of your hand with a spatula. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. Just use the back of a skinny spoon. Use the spoon only for this though.


That’s the D34 from Kyrolan

Step 2: Carefully pat on product with your brush. Take care to only cover the dark bits cause the orange can show on other areas under your foundation.


Step 3: Blend , blend, blend. You could use a beauty blender for this or your brush.



I also tried another shade from the Kryolan range. This one is D30 and kind of looks like magic on me. It’s the one on my left eye.




Now, apply the concealer. IMG_20160412_163113

And tada! This is the final result. I do think my left eye looks better than my right eye, so D30 is probably my shade.




These are the magical pots of joy. 


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