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5 Makeup Hacks to Keep Your Foundation Game On Point

I am not much of a foundation user. And not because of anything else but mostly because my skin is pretty clear and doesn’t demand it. I realise that as I get older, I will have to invest in one but right now, I am good. But. But. I did do a makeup course at Fat Mu and picked up a few tricks to getting the foundation down right. And because I am a really nice person, I am passing these tricks on to you. These 5 foundation hacks could be the difference between you looking cakey and natural. Or between you getting the wrong shade and the right . And all that. You get the drift. So here goes.

  1. Prep your skin. 


Before you start applying your makeup, prep your skin. For this, clean your face. Exfoliate if you haven’t in a while and then apply your moisturizer. If you are going to be outdoors, try a gel moisturizer (my favourites are here) and if not, just apply your regular moisturizer to your face. If you want a dewy or a slightly illuminated finish, you can mix you illuminator with your moisturizer to give you a glowy look.

#Protip: Take very, very little of the illuminator to mix with the moisturizer. Too much and you will end up looking too shiny. Like a disco ball.

2. Prime it up


Use a primer. It acts as a layer between your skin and the product and can make your foundation last much longer. Also, a good primer will even out your skin a little bit and if it’s slightly tinted, you might even have to use less foundation which, frankly, is a good thing.

#Protip: Get a primer that’s not silicone based. These leave a kind of a film on the skin and it’s something I don’t like.

3. Get the colour right


You should always, always get a foundation in your shade. Not a shade lighter, not darker, your exact match. How do you check? When buying your foundation, test it against your jaw. Apply a tiny bit, blend and then wait. Walk around suspiciously staring at clothes. Try men’s shows. Whatever you need to do to waste time.  After a few minutes, if you can’t see it in the mirror, pick it up. If you can, it’s the wrong shade.

#ProTip: Always check the colour of your foundation in natural light. If you are at a makeup counter, go the clothes section and check it there.

4. Slow and steady


If you tend to apply tiny dots on your face and then go about blending, stop now. Here’s what you need to do to get flawless coverage. Apply 3-4 dots on a particular area. Now, blend in the product. Only after you’ve blended that in, should you apply the next 3 dots. This way, your foundation will stay blendable and you ca build your coverage instead of having a mask-like appearance.

#ProTip: To look natural, keep the foundation sheer to medium. Your face can look extremely flat with full coverage makeup.

5. Invest in a beauty blender


Notice how I didn’t say ‘ Invest in a sponge’ but instead I went all out and said beauty blender. I say this because , trust me, this product is EPIC. It’s the difference between your foundation looking awesome and awful. It’s my go to for makeup and it’s the best investment I have made. It retails at Rs.2000 but trust me, it’s a good decision. (I will review it soon. )

#ProTip: Always , always dampen your beauty blender before you use it. Then, prepare to be amazed.



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