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5 Reasons Every Girl Needs Dry Shampoo in Her Beauty Arsenal

Hello. Today’s post is extra, extra special to me. That’s because it’s the first time I am revealing my face on my blog. Which sounds like I was hiding my face because it was exotic or something but contrary to that, I have been doing reviews and I wanted to be anonymous. As it turns out, no one seems to remember my face even when they meet me in real life, so spotting me in virtual life should leave no impression on them whatsoever.

Also, I was supremely nervous. I mean, what if I am not pretty enough for this world and all that? Clearly, I thought about it enough and have decided to take the world head on.

Today’s post is about why you need dry shampoo. So you are thinking, ‘Babe, just go wash your hair, man!’ . I know. I did. But I forgot I had a massage appointment and my hair got oily again. I am not going to be washing it again this quickly, so I said dry shampoo it is.

But you’ve to see it to believe it. Here’s why you need dry shampoo in your life.

See how oily it is!



  1. It’s instant. 

When it looks oily

It took in less than 5 minutes to go from hair that looked heavy and boring to looking sharp and that’s worth having. Plus, it makes your hair smell pretty terrific, instantly, and when you’ve not washed your hair for too long, you know how important that smelling good bit it.


2. It saves your hair

IMG_20160302_132511 (1)

Because you are not constantly washing you hair, you could be doing it some major favours. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t wash it. Please do, atleast twice a week if you live in India but for the weekends, this works like a charm. If you’ve coloured hair, even better, you colours lasts longer.

3. It gives you volume

Dry shampoo can crank up the volume quotient in your hair to some epic levels. It can go from looking like a wet mop to blowout and it does it in style. Even if your hair is washed but you want to add some oomph to it, dry shampoo is your BFF.

4. It’s easy peasy


It’s not like you’ve to figure out the steps to do it. You open cap, point at hair (on the head), maintain distance and spray. That’s it. There’s no science to it or anything. It because it’s a spray, you don’t have to worry about it spilling or anything.

5. It disappears without a trace


You can’t even see it!

This is like the absolute best part of it all. Dry shampoo just goes away. Just like that. It’s like a secret between your hair and you. And no one has to know. How can that not be good?






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