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Product Review: Innisfree Best Loved Collection

Korean beauty and skincare is a real thing. It’s what bloggers around the world swear by (well, some anyway) and anything the Koreans do becomes an instant hit. Even if it is makeup for hooded eyes which most of the others aren’t lucky enough to have. Aren’t they the cutest? Anyway, Innisfree is a brand from Korea which is only 6 years old and is known for being natural and environment-friendly. They put their heart and Seoul into that philosophy. Yes, I put that entire sentence in only for that pun.

Moving on. You know I was in Delhi right? So I was just going around the Galleria Market in Gurgaon and they had an Innisfree store right there. And because it was right there, I had to walk in. And I ended up buying two face masks which I am still to use. But. I did get samples of their ‘Best Loved Collection’  for becoming a member. So I used those and here’s a review.


Innisfree Orchid Enriched cream


Feel: This anti-aging (a claim they make at the back of the pack) cream has a very nice, gel-like consistency so it’s easy to use on the entire face.


Fragrance: It smells lovely, mild and flowery. Not sure how orchids smell though, so I can’t confirm that it smells like that.

Price: A 50ml tub is for Rs.1980 on their website.

Verdict: I tried this product while I was in Delhi when there was still a nip in the air and it did fine. However, it did make me extra sweaty. Back here in Mumbai, this cream has proved to be extremely heavy and it makes my face look oily and perspire and for that reason, I don’t like it.

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum


Feel: This moisturizing and nourishing serum has a nice, watery consistency which I like. It’s supposed to be used immediately after you wash your face. I think that would be so that the moisture can be locked in.

Fragrance: It smells fresh and clean. Not very green tea like but maybe seeds smell different?

Price: A 80ml bottle is for Rs.1716 on their website.

Verdict: I think I faced the same problem with this and the orchid enriched cream. I don’t know if these products aren’t for my skin or it’s just too hot. This one sits heavily on my skin taking really long to get absorbed and leaving me feeling greasy.

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask


Feel: This boy is thick. When I say thick, I mean it won’t budge unless you give it some serious push. When I used this mask, I used a little water to spread it evenly on my face and neck. Then, I just sat there.

Fragrance: I couldn’t smell anything. Maybe a very, very subtle clay scent but that’s it.

Price: A tub is for Rs.990 on their website.

Verdict: So, first things first. When this mask starts to dry off, it gives off this nice cooling effect which is great for the summers. It claims to help pores and control sebum. However, my pores were just chilling and didn’t seem very affected by this mask. Sebum control I don’t need but my skin didn’t considerably brighten or anything. Overall, the Jeju volcanic clay did nothing for my skin.

I will be trying their sheet masks and will let you know that went.


  1. love this post, love this brand too. i also use Innisfree jeju volcanic pore cleansing foam. it’s really good. i have ever try products which you recommended. i’ll have to try this Clay Mask. i want to minimize pores and reduce blackhead 😀 ❤


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