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Hair Service Review: Geetanjali Salon, Select Citywalk, Delhi

So you know I was in Delhi about 2 weeks ago and did many salon reviews as  apart of my visit. Besides eating a lot of delicious food that is. Guys, let me tell you this. The food in Delhi isn’t famous without good reason. It is beyond soul satisfying. It’s the kind of food where you know you are full but you must keep having more. As it happens to me with food usually, I digress. Since I was at Select Citywalk in Saket, I also went out and hopped over to Geetanjali Salon there. Here’s the review.


The Space

Let’s just say that the space here is limited. It’s like one big room, broken down into many rooms. And a lot of the stuff has been stashed into other things to make space. It’s not big is what I will say. It’s quite busy most of the time with people walking in and out or chilling on chairs just watching other people get their services done. Right off the bat, I can tell you that Geetanjali is expensive. Also, it’s mostly a hair place. I mean, I did see stuff for nails but the way the tools were sitting ignored in a corner, it didn’t look like they had been used for a while.


The Service

When I had called up, Tammy or Tanny took the appointment and my number and everything. And then didn’t call. Not a good thing. Once I got there though, the service was quick and efficient. I said I wanted a hair spa and while they had an electronic menu, I just picked the service from the normal menu. Aashish, my hair person (I don’t know what to call him!) was there and told me about the hair spa treatments which were all from Kerastase.




After asking him the price of everything and then double checking and all that, I settled for a Kerastase Hair Ritual which he promised would keep my hair shiny and soft for atleast 20-22 days.


The Experience

Okay, first of all, this spa ritual was long. And involved washing your hair twice. Once when the treatment began and then after. I was told that he was going to be putting this fancy product in my hair and then giving it some oxygenated air? Or steam. Then, wash and blow dry. I don’t have much patience and by the time I was done, I had read Femina and Cosmopolitan , back to back. And had some green tea. and then another drink. And water. It took really long. However, it look like Aashish was really thorough. Taking his time to apply the product, giving me a sexy head massage and then leaving me to steam my hair. This steaming system involved me wrapping this grey bag around my head so I looked like an alien. This bag then ballooned up and I looked really weird- like a grey haired version of Marge from the Simpsons.


Once done, my hair was washed again and I was given a blowdry.

That’s a wrap

Salon: Geetanjali Salon, Select Citywalk , Saket. 

Service availed: Hair Ritual from Kerastase. 

The wallet is lighter by : Rs.3000 inclusive of all taxes

Get in touch:Level 2, Select City Walk, Saket, India  Call:+91-11-40527547

Brands used: Kerastase

Hygiene of salon and professional: Clean and quite nice. Most areas were free of dust and rubbish. 

Destress Quotient: 3.5 AAHs

Verdict: I did like the service provided by Geetanjali and Aashish was quite friendly. He seemed interested in the job at hand and that always gets brownie points. I thought it was on the expensive side which is why it loses out on a couple of AAHs. Also, the treatment stayed for maybe 3 washes but after that, my hair returned to it’s former self. 





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