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Product Review: Nars Orgasm Blush

This is a cult, and I mean, cult product. People talk in hushed whispers when this product passes by because, hello, this one deserves some major respect. People swear by it.  I am talking about Nars Orgasm, of course. I mean, come on, the title was a dead giveaway. Now, I bought this one from Sephora in Dubai (you can, see it here in my Dubai Beauty Haul post) and I haven’t started using it yet. But that’s okay because I have had this product forever. I bought it from the Bangkok Airport and every time I wear it , I feel flushed. Khee khee, pun intended. Also, please notice main photo is cheeky.

If you are looking to look slightly sun kissed and sexy at the same time, this is the blush you should be turning to. I know people who have seen this one me and it has been on their ‘must have’ list since then. I am aware that there have been plenty of reviews done on this but I thought adding my two cents was absolutely necessary and here it is.

Nars Orgasm


Feel: This product feels like silk. I mean, literally, when you run your finger across the blush, it’s like silk. But then it’s a blush and I think all blushes would feel this way. Also, why are you running your fingers on it? Have you no reverence for the Orgasm? Here’s a swatch though.



Fragrance: It’s a blush. It doesn’t smell like anything. Focus, people.

Price: I bought it from Dubai for about AED 150 or so, I think. In India, the online price is some Rs.4800 for 4.8g of product. It’s expensive. It’s probably a better idea to get someone to buy it for you when they are travelling.

Verdict: I am sold on this product. I think every time I run out (which I almost did before I bought this new one), I will buy a new one of these. It looks gorgeous on my Indian skin. I look sunkissed thanks to the tiny gold particles and I look flushed thanks to that gorgeous, gorgeous shade of pink. If there’s one blush I recommend you buy and keep forever, it would be this one. Don’t go all crazy when there’s not a lot of colour on your brush and on your cheek, when you look at it in the light, you’ll see how great it looks.  Simply put, this is amazeballs.




  1. frikin love this blush! i bought it recently actually, and can’t stop using it! i do find sometimes though, that i have to get a lot of product onto the brush, or use multiple swipes to get a good amount of blush onto skin, but i’m still cool with that!


  2. That was a very detailed review, I’ll surely try this one out from NARS. Glad it lived up to the promise.


    Style.. A Pastiche!


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