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Product Review: Lush Angels on Bare Skin

When I went to Dubai this time, I happened to walk past a Lush store which smelled all sorts of beautiful. Now, being the smell person that I am, I simply had to walk in. They are a fun bunch at Lush in Dubai Mall. Dancing, laughing and generally being a good mood which basically puts you in a good mood which makes you want to spend much more. Now, I wasn’t going to buy anything when I walked in but then I have been looking for an everyday scrub for a while and so, I asked one of the ladies about it. She put the Angels in Bare Skin on me after she asked me for my skin type which I said was mostly normal but occasionally dry. I also said I was looking for something gentle for everyday use. She did put the Ocean Salt one on me but I found it too harsh. And I ended up buying this one. And the spray, which I will do a review on. Anyway, on to the review.

Lush Cosmetics Angels on Bare Skin



Feel: This is a thick, thick scrub. You’ve to scoop it out and I do this with my hand because I am the only one using this. Also because, dude, spatulas tend to keep disappearing and falling in crannies and retrieving them is not fun. Anyway, scoop it out and it feels like thick goop. The thing about the scrub is, if you add some water and rub it, it tends to ball up, like this.


So instead, I push down the scrub into tiny bits and then add water and it becomes a paste. I apply this. The granules in the scrub are quite large and this makes the scrub quite gentle.


Fragrance: I don’t know. It smells little flowery and then maybe a little oatmeal-y? It’s not the most exciting smell, I’ll tell you that.

Price: I can’t find it online in India but I bought a 100g pot for AED 75 which works out to Rs.1350 approx.

Verdict: I love this product. This scrub lives up to the promise on the package of evening out skin tone and giving me a natural glow. My skin feels clean but not dry after I use the scrub and I do get a glow even if it’s only for a while. I enjoy using this product immensely and would recommend it strongly. See if you can get your hands on it. By the way, the scrub lasts only for a couple of months – mine expires in April – so when you buy their products, you’ve got to start using them right away. In fact, they’ve face masks in the store that last only a week but they smell divine. Can you imagine how hard it was for me to not buy those? I kept think ‘ You want the Clarisonic so no spending here’.



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