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Spa and Salon Review: Zazen Boutique Spa, Juhu

I had seen Zazen at a few places on my way to work and it looked lovely and very promising. I was then lured by an offer on Groupon (now nearbuy) that offered a a foot massage at Zazen for under Rs.500 and I was hooked. I bought the deal and made an appointment at Zazen. The appointment I took was for 4:30 but I ended up getting there before time which you already know is rare in my case.

Anyway, let’s get on to the review.

The Space


The thing is, when you enter Zazen, you get the feeling that you are in the reception of some corporate office. I half expected a man in a blazer to walk past and get into a meeting.

There were three men behind the desk when I got there and somehow to me, that was a bit too many. All these people talk across the room as they walk around which makes it seem more like a casual coffee shop than a spa. There’s clearly no respect for any sort of quiet reflection that someone (not me) might want to do.

While it’s not unclean, the Juhu outlet looks exceptionally old and in a state of deterioration. I present to you Exhibit A and B and more below. See, man.


The Service

This was the first time I had gone for a review with a discount voucher so I didn’t know what to expect. I’ll admit it. They probably treat customers paying full price with a lot more indulgence. When I called up, I was given an appointment immediately which is a good thing. The voucher mentioned I would be given water and a refreshing towel. I expected that any spa service would have that but it was mentioned on the voucher as a wonderful extra. Here’s a picture of the water bottle and that wet tissue I was given. The service swayed from friendly to warm to cold in mere minutes. My therapist didn’t smile at me at all and mostly I thought she hated me.


The Experience

Once there, I was asked to sit on the couch and wait. Almost 3 years later (okay, maybe 15 minutes) later, a lady walked up to me and asked me to remove my shoes. She put these away on a straw tray and gave me blue slippers that were too big for me. Anyway, I was led to their foot massage room which was stunningly sparse for a spa, didn’t smell spa-y (think lemongrass) and she asked me to change into loose pyjamas. Because I am a genius and I sauntered in wearing the tightest jeans I could find. The pyjamas a bit too loose for me and I had to sit down on the chair before she entered in order to avoid a confrontation between my privates and her eyes.


I forget my therapists name. I will admit though, that she was very good and her foot massage was very thorough. She even used the Thai poker object and while most foot massage places use it, her use of it relaxed me. Yes, I know, I did get my foot massage on a chair but in their defense, this one fully reclined. By the way, I took a picture of the checklist of the things that should be done before a massage and it was clear this message was being ignored like a booger in a colleague’s nose.

The service ended and I was offered a choice of teas that was very interesting. This tasted delicious.


That’s a wrap

Salon: Zazen Boutique Spa, Juhu

Service availed: Foot massage (with coupon from Nearbuy)

The wallet is lighter by : Rs.500 due to the voucher. 

Get in touch: 52, Ground Floor, Gazebo House, Next to Costa Coffee, Gulmohar Road, MHADA Colony, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049 Call: 022 6710 0816

Brands used: Don’t know, couldn’t see. 

Hygiene of salon and professional: Not very good. 



Destress Quotient: 1.0 AAHs 

Verdict: I wouldn’t recommend Zazen for an intimate spa experience. The place lacked the relaxing feel of a spa and I would feel very cheated if I had paid full price for this. 

Therapist’s names: Can’t remember

The ignored checklist (for your entertainment compare to previous picture and try and notice how all the things are missing)



  1. Khushboo says

    Would suggest you to try The Bambooo Spaa (yes that’s how they spell it) in Pali hill Bandra. Try their signature Bamboo massage and review it.
    Its superrrrrr, one of the best Spas in the city comparable to the biggie 5 star hotel spas. Also try their free fish pedicure experience.. :). If you give my reference, you will get discount too (Told them I will be sending my friends to experience it)


  2. Heena says

    Hi, I would like to at the beginning apologise for the experience you had at Zazen. I represent the corporate marketing team. Reading through your review is not just heartbreaking to us but also unfortunate. We take full responsibility for your experience while we try hard each day to maintain our checklist, spa decor and quality audits.
    We are definitely not taking your review lightly and will be working on not just improving but perfecting our guest experience as that’s what we aim for.
    We do not distinguish our guests and urge you to give us a chance and be able to change your mind.
    Look forward to having you soon.

    Heena Bhatt- Ray


  3. Hi Heena,

    I have liked Zazen before and would definitely like to take you up on the promise of changing my experience. Do let me know how we can take this forward.


  4. Sanjeev says

    Zazen needs a lot of spruce up in terms of ambience and thearapists… Steam is always out of orders and there seems to be some issue between management n staff which is the reason for bad service…. Zazen dont spoil ur name…. My wife n me bith were unhappy


  5. I just booked my folks for a spa experience here! I hope they live up to it. Jeez, this is going to be their first ever spa. Guys Please contact me. I need to know they are taken care of when they book themselves!


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