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Dubai Beauty Haul

I went to Dubai recently and it was hard for me to not buy everything in the stores there. But the carefully restrained person that I am, I managed to do that. That and the fact that I wanted the Clarisonic really bad might have something to do with it.

Why did I need the Clarisonic?

Because my skin broke out and my skin that has always been clear was now pink and had spots and what not. So i visited the dermat. Who said that a facial I had had was aggravating my skin and causing this. I have obviously decided to stay off facials but also invest in a Clarisonic. I also bought stuff from Lush which used be here in Mumbai but shut down, any idea why? Also guys, the NARS Orgasm is here which means the excitement is through the roof. And oh, the beauty blender has also been acquired.

So, here’s the haul. Reviews will be out soon.

It’s so exciting!


And here’s a closer look.





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