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Product Review: NYX Lip Creams and Corrector Palette

Yes, yes, I have been away. But with good reason. My brother got engaged! *twirls and passes candy around* Anyway, that kept me busy and also I was up to a bunch of other things. But I am back. By the way, I am planning to go a makeup artistry course- it’s kind of expensive- you think I should do it? Comment and let me know.

So, you saw my Youtube Inspired Beauty Haul right? And it had the NYX Corrector Palette and the NYX Lip Creams. Now, I have been using the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams for a while now and I absolutely swear by these for daily use. They are pretty fantastic. Anyway, on to the reviews (because you know, I haven’t given away anything with the previous line).

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Antwerp and Istanbul


Feel: Let me tell your right away that it the feel is pretty amazeballs. It’s super matte but doesn’t dry your lips out. At all. That’s saying something for a matte lip colour. And the colour pay off? Quite incredible as well. Both these colours look super on my lips.

Fragrance: It smells sweet but doesn’t really remind me of anything.  No makeup smell, yay for that.

Price: They go for Rs.895 a tube online in India

Shade: Antwerp. The shade looks exactly the same on the lips. Sorry, can’t swatch it properly without my henna interfering in the colour.



And this is Istanbul.


The Water Test: I like to test my lipsticks with the ‘Water Test’ which is where I apply the lipstick and drink water from the glass and see if its transferable and if the colour stays put. This one is like a stubborn child. It won’t move. It will drag it’s feet till you use a makeup remover on it. And even if it does a little bit, it never abandons the lips altogether. Love. *heart icon*

To say I like these would be an understatement. I absolutely love these. So much that I buy them everywhere I see them. I might be the reason these babies are selling out. No seriously. And Antwerp will probably have more takers but Istanbul is all kinds of awesome as well. I have already bought these again so I guess that says a lot about them.

Destress Quotient: 4.5 AAHs

NYX Corrector Palette


Feel: Heavy, non-blendable-y and thick. I didn’t realise I was going for something so thick when I got this palette. It feels sluggish, overall. Very non-moving.

Fragrance: It doesn’t smell like anything, really.

Price: This palette goes for upwards of Rs.800 but I can’t spot it online in India (I got mine from a friend in the US)

Shade:  I have taken the Light palette. Maybe the colours are not right for me?

Here’s a swatch. The one that’s yellowish in the palette tends to look a little green on the hand but I don’t think I am going to be working much with this anyway.


Verdict: I really wanted to like this product but unfortunately, it’s a complete downer. It doesn’t sit well, doesn’t blend well and doesn’t help anything. Can you imagine trying to use that darker shade to contour? I would end up spending all day just trying to blend it in!

Destress Quotient: 0.5 AAHs


  1. sharneinthecity says

    Love Nyx. Unfortunately we have such limited stock of the brand here in South Africa. Love your blog. Head over to mine and say hi if you want! From one make up lover to the next 💜


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