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PVR Cinemas App Review + PVR Cinemas, Kurla Review

I am going to admit it. Sometimes, if I know the movie is going to be crap, I only go for the popcorn. And sometimes, even when the movie is good, I basically go because I want popcorn. I also love watching movies in a cinema. There’s just a different charm to it. Even if it’s not big screen friendly. Don’t you feel like everyone is in on this one single experience and that’s pretty cool, right? No. Oh okay. Yeah, I am not very deep myself.

Anyway, so I am going to review the PVR Cinema app and the cinema itself. I am doing this review because I love reviews and secondly it gives you an idea of where you should go watch a movie if you want clean seats, decent popcorn and a great deal on both.

PVR Cinemas App Review

I downloaded the PVR Cinemas App because I thought the BookMyShow app was charging me a huge convenience fee. I mean, I end up paying a tickets’ worth of extra money when I book there sometimes. So, I said, hey, let me try and be a cheapskate. And I did this while the app got some horrible reviews on the Google Play Store. I am such a braveheart. Anyway, I thought the PVR Cinemas app would have only their cinemas but it also has Cinemax so that’s thrown me off a little bit. Is that owned by PVR? Anyway, here’s how the homepage of the app looks.


You can click on the movie itself and you’ll get a synopsis. When you click on Tickets, you are shown the cinemas it’s playing at and then the seat plan. That’s where you get to pick how many ever seats you need to pick. Unlike BookMyShow, it doesn’t ask you how seats beforehand and show you cool illustrations of vehicles but that’s not important. I know.





You are them tempted by food offers and in my case, popcorn. But unfortunately, the popcorn combo doesn’t make an appearance here which is genuinely upsetting. You get to choose when you want it delivered as well.



You then move on to the payment area where you realise this has been a big joke and you are going to have to pay a convenience fee anyway. It’s as much as BookMyShow. It may be a little less (I think it’s the same) but you shouldn’t have to pay anything when you are booking through their own app right?






PVR Cinemas, Phoenix MarketCity, Kurla

In the vicinity of where I stay (which is Ghatkopar), this is possibly the cleanest, best cinema. Here’s a quick review:

Tickets: You can book online or at the cinemas. You can collect the tickets you’ve booked online at the counter, or this machine that never seems to work or you can simply get your phone scanned at the gate.


The Counter


The machine that never works!


See that red light? That’s where you scan your phone


Best day for cheapest tickets: Tuesday. They have the best deals.

Best food: The popcorn is usually fresh and the pizza is good too.



Prices: Ticket prices vary from Rs.140 on Tuesday to Rs.280 on weekends. A popcorn and Pepsi combo goes at Rs.290 (small).

Bathrooms: Clean but smell sometimes

Brands: Popcorn, in house. Pepsi and water is Himalaya

Verdict: Excellent, clean place where the seats don’t smell, the food is good and you can get some decent deals if you book at the right time. As usual, this cinema also gets cold, so carry something warm.

Destress Quotient: 3.5 AAHs



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