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Product Review: New Whisper Ultra Clean

Periods are frustrating, annoying and painful. Much like some people. Over the years, we have heard plenty of crazy things about them. Like how you shouldn’t enter the kitchen, touch the pickle and whatnot. Anyway, the point is we don’t need all this hogwash. The entire 4-5 days are irritating enough without having people tell you what you can do and cannot do. I don’t listen to them when I have my periods so I don’t know why I should listen now. And any woman will tell you that having to carefully select a sanitary napkin isn’t exactly fun. I mean, wouldn’t you rather just have on trusty brand you would turn to in times when it’s a bloody battle? (I love puns!). Yeah, and my go to brand has always been Whisper. I have tried other brands but with bunching and staining, I have invariably turned to this brand again. By the way, do you also have a bunch of sanitary napkin types in your stash? I use pantyliners when I start, then the 1st day is kind of chill so it’s not a very heavy duty pad and then the second day, I need something with industrial power, so that’s Whisper Night that I also use during the day.  So recently when they introduced a new variant- basically a new and improved version of their product, they sent it to us bloggers to sample it out.

Yes, as you may have guessed, you do need your periods to actually try it out. So I patiently waited. When I finally tried the product, here’s how it fared.

Product Review: New Whisper Ultra Clean


Feel: Like the previous product, the new one also comes individually wrapped. There are 7 pads in one pack so that should hold you in good stead through one cycle atleast.

Fragrance: It has quite a strong fragrance. In fact, it was a little too strong for my liking. I thought it would affect how itchy the pad felt but nope, not itchiness was felt.

Price: I got a sample but I would assume it comes at Rs.85- the same as the previous one.

Verdict: As you’ve probably guessed, this product comes strongly recommended for days when you have a heavy flow. Is it really different from its previous version? I couldnt really tell. I like that it is 317mm which I find the most comfortable. The wings are nice (as were the previous ones) and this one bunches less (you know when the pad does its own thing and turns and twists around?) which is also a good. It’s definitely comfortable because it doesn’t budge and I am always looking for that.  They are long wear. In fact, I did feel a lot dryer with this new one. I would recommended sticking to this brand if it’s your favourite and this new one only adds to the loyalty. I say, you go buy this. When you get your periods, that is.

PS: Don’t you love the fact that sanitary napkins don’t have an expiry date? Just me excited by that? Okay.

To try this new Whisper, click here:

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