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#OwnThose5Days Blogger Meet with Whisper

So you know I received the Whisper sample right? And I did a review here (link to product review). Well, this was followed up with a bloggers meet that took place in St. Regis, Mumbai. Yes, super fancy place. They said the event would start at 11, so I was there by 11:05. I registered and was given a band with a number on it. Then, a wait that lasted almost 1 hour started. I spent this hour walking around the place, talking to other bloggers (siltently judging them. As if you don’t do it) and basically visiting the bathroom and using a lot of the hand lotion because it smelled very nice. An hour later we were ushered into a room with a massive setup with massive signs everywhere displaying Whisper and encouraging us to #OwnThose5Days. Of course, those 5 days that are being talking about here are the 5 days of periods.



It was still some time before the event would begin. But they put lovely strawberry mentos on the table and I ended up having much more of it that I should have. And I then had a sugar rush. No, not really but I could have had one. Mentos’ are dangerous.

Finally the wait was over and Aditi Mittal who is funny, smart and tremendously fun came on the stage. She took us through the event concept, explaining the taboos associated with periods and how they should be done away with.


Next, Kalki Koechlin was on stage. This woman is amazing. She told us stories about being the tomboyish kind of girl that she was growing up and how she scared the boys using periods as an excuse. It was the cutest. A gynaec on the panel explained why women who work and are constantly busy could definitely use the kind of long stay use the new Whisper is going to provide. Having 5 times the protection is an extremely cool concept. It could mean that we work those pads for all their worth. I did ask the gyneac about whether we could get Toxic Shock Syndrome from this but she said you risk that more from a tampon that from a pad.


Possibly the only man in the entire place, P&G’s R&D Expert Chetan Kotyalkar then showed us a demo of the 5x more absorbent technology. The demo had 5 pads placed next to each other and the new Whisper pad was also there. He then did what we watch on TV all the time – poured blue liquid on it. The Whisper napkin was such a winner here as it absorbed the liquid and didn’t allow it to flow anywhere. Whisper has a technology called AGM which converts liquids to gel and thus gives you a drier feeling.



In  a quick chat with Kalki and Aditi, we discussed how carrying Whisper pads is much easier- the packaging helps and how they dispose off their napkins when they are travelling. It was an eye opener. At this point, I must admit that the individual wrapping of the pad can be used to effectively cover the napkin and dispose it off in a clean manner. In fact, Kalki mentioned that her spot person was a darling and kept track of her cycle so she was a little more at ease.

It was followed by a fun activities for the bloggers and a delicious lunch. Oh, and they also had a wall where we each write a promise on a pad and stuck it on a wall. 😀

Want to try this cool new version of Whisper? Click here: http://www.rewardme.in/whisper

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