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Fitness Foods: Haul and Review

Over the weekend, I made my way to the Tangerine Arts Studio where an event called Fitness Finds was taking place. It seemed like a super interesting proposition- healthy food and health-related stuff all in one place. With Facebook starting this new thing where if you show you are interested in an event – it will bombard you with all things related to the event- I knew the brands that were going to be there and that sounded like I should be there.


First of all, Tangerine Arts Studio is tiny. By tiny, I mean, teeny weeny. Not that that changes anything, just thought you should know. I bought one of almost everything. Except the clothing items and the fruits juices (apparently you shouldnt drink your fruit). So here’s what I bought and a review of each.

Product Review: Gouri’s Stuff/Food (!?! Not sure what the name is)


Verdict: This bar made of palm jaggery was consumed quite quickly because I was hungry. It’s a little chewy but yummy. And at Rs. 50  for this size, I didn’t mind. It makes for a great on-the-go snack and keeps you full till you can grab a sizeable meal. They had a lot of other products- the other one was a dates bar like this but that’s become to so common, I didn’t want to invest in that.

Would I buy it again? Absolutely.


Product Review: Flaxmax Masala Mix

Verdict: While I am sure it’s super nutritious, I don’t think I can tell you the effects of this masala mix. I mean, it will probably do good things to my health but I don’t think I will be able to point it out to this particular food. That said, the masala mix is quite delicious and like it says on the packet, you can mix it with practically anything. I would recommend mixing in a little salt and then adding it to food. It comes at Rs. 140 for a pack.

Would I buy it again? Maybe but also going to try and make this at home.


Product Review: Yogisattva Raw Cacao and Orange Ice Cream

Verdict: First of all, this looks and has the consistency of a mousse. So the ice cream bit is a little questionable. However, even in this form, this is delicious and so filling. It’s perfect for when you are craving something sweet but want to mindfully indulge. It’s a little pricey  for Rs.400 for a jar but the ingredients do seem curated so thats a plus.

Would I buy it again? Maybe not. Pricey and not ice cream.

Product Review: EatAwhey Chunky Choco And Peanut Butter Bar

Verdict: She makes these bars out of whey protein so they are good for you. This was the flavour I liked the best but she had a bunch of other flavours as well. But and this is a big but for me, the aftertaste- I don’t know if it’s the whey protein or the other ingredients- is not pleasant at all. For me, personally, it was a no go. This came for Rs.230 for a bar.

Would I buy it again? No. I think I am not a fan of the taste.








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