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5 Fabulous Diet Hacks From Top Nutritionists

So, the end of the year, family coming over from abroad and plenty of binge drinking sessions have wreaked havoc with my weight. I have put on 3 kgs. And this I have to lose by 29th Jan when my brother is getting engaged. Yes, I have already started working on it. I am obviously carefully considering what I am putting into my mouth. And of course working out like crazy.

When I am really dedicated to looking fit, like in this case, I turn to my trusty books written by top nutritionists in the country. And it is from these that I am sharing the secrets of today.


Tip 1: Pooja Makhija asks to make friendships with food.

Pooja Makhija in her book Eat. Delete explains that you should treat food the way to you treat friends. No that doesn’t mean you declare love for them when drunk and take endless selfies. It means that you categorize your food into best friends, good friends and acquaintances.

Best friends, you can have everyday- rice, roti,bananas, noodles,bhel,upma,fish, turkey etc.

Good friends, you have once or twice a week – cheese, dessert, pizza, prawns, cake, ice cream, jalebi etc.

Acquaintances, you meet only once a month- bacon, mutton ,pork,fruit juice, aerated beverages etc.

Tip 2: Struggling with fillers? Pooja Makhija offers a solution

Fillers are the meals you have between meals to keep your BMR up and stop your blood sugar levels from dropping. Basically what you when you you aren’t having breakfast, lunch or dinner. Pooja Makhija recommends- 1 idli, 1 bowl melon or papaya, 17 grapes (yes, she’s very precise), 6-7 lychees, 6-8 strawberries etc.


Tip 3: Rujuta Diwekar discusses being happy

In her super successful book, Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight,, Rujuta Diwekar- the person behind Kareeena Kapoor’s “size zero’ figure says you just need to be tuned into yourself to avoid turning to food for comfort. Cultivating a hobby or even just curing yourself of boredom can mean that you won’t turn to your favourite cheesecake. For example, in the book she talks about this girl who doesn’t eat after she prays. Simply because she’s at peace with herself.

Who knew being happy could make you lose weight?

Tip 4: Waking up with a start, say no that says Rujuta Diwekar

In all the diet recalls (where she gives examples of the kind of diets her client has before she consults them) in her book, Rujuta strongly condemns waking up to tea or coffee. Her suggestion? Wake up to anything but. Anything that will fire up your system, give it a healthy start and not the caffeine one that tea or coffee will give.

Tip 5: Rethinking dinner

I love this tip from Rujuta where she asks you to rethink dinner. She strongly recommends eating within 2 hours of sunset when you are probably still at work sulking coz your boss is a pain in your backside. Rujuta suggests you still make that dinner time. And what can you eat? Roti rolls- where you stuff veggies or chicken into a roti, make a wrap out of it and carry it to work. Grilled sandwiches made from wholewheat bread but without the butter. You can keep the cheese! Yay. And lots more.

Now that I have reread this, I am inspired. I’ll keep you posted on the weight loss, okay?


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