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5 Makeup Trends That Will Rock 2016

It’s that time of the year when you are going to be bombarded with various lists about the year gone by and the year that’s coming up and I thought, why should I not do the same? I mean, wouldn’t you want to read another list, right?

But hey, this one is going to be helpful. You will, by the end of it, definitely know what products you should keep and what you should be throwing out of your makeup drawer.

So I spoke to Kanika Gogia,  Makeup director of Toni&Guy, India and she pegs these 5 trends will be the ones everyone’s going to be wearing in 2016.

1. The No Makeup Look
The No Makeup fresh faced look was a hit in 2015 and you’ll probably see a lot more of this in 2016. The next year is probably going to be about minimal makeup but a dewy, luminous face. Clean and clear skin is definitely in fashion but that’s every year.
2. The Exaggerated Liner
Cat eyes were a staple in 2015. 2016 will see this trend continue. The winged liner will definitely get more dramatic. But it’s not just one line- it could be two, or staggered or more. Colours will also play a big role in eye makeup.
3. Ombré lips 
They are already popular but ombré lips will become a rage in the upcoming season. Lips that are shaded-inside out or outside in will find lots of takers.
4. Lots of sparkle 
It was a big trend last season and will probably be going off the charts the next year.  The sparkles comes as shimmer or glitter which may be applied on your eyes, fabulous hair accessories or even on the lips.
5. Thick brows 
Strong brows were an absolute favourite in 2015 and 2016 doesn’t see this trend dying. Extensions to the brows are made by drawing line of blacks/browns on the edge of your brows and by filling it up to give it a more defined look. Have your tried this yet?


Images taken from Pinterest

Kanika Gogia from Toni&Guy



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