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Product Review:L’Oreal Paris Color Riche in Opera Amaranth

I haven’t been a big fan of lipsticks till I discovered the power of a red lipstick. Now, I have my favourites- the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul and Antwerp that I wear on a daily basis.

I bought this L’Oreal lip colour only because I was going to a wedding and I wanted a pink that popped. I actually didn’t really want it, I got tempted when I went to the makeup counter. Anyhoo, I ended up buying this one.

Here’s the review.


Feel: The lipstick is goes on real smooth and does not dry out the lips (and my lips are pretty dry) which I really like. So I have this funny problem, if a lip colour/stain/stick is very oily and intense, I tend to sweat more on my upper lip? Is that weird? Anyway, this one goes on pretty well.

Fragrance: It smells like berries with an after smell of makeup.

Price: Rs.950 for a tube

Shade: Opera Amaranth. See swatch below.


Verdict: I like the product per se, I mean as a lip colour, I don’t have much to complain about. However, I find that the colour in the tube and the way it appears on the lips is completely different. I had to apply two even coats to get the right shade. Even this shade, however, tends to veer towards purplish pink instead of the hot pink I was looking for. I even tried it with a lip liner but the complain stays.


The Water Test: I like to test my lipsticks with the ‘Water Test’ which is where I apply the lipstick and drink water from the glass and see if its transferable and if the colour stays put. This product passed the test with flying colours. Only barely moved and even with water didn’t budge much.

Verdict: I suggest trying on the shade several times at different stores in different lighting to get an idea of it will really look. For 950, it can be a real disappointment if you don’t get the shade you are looking for. Very shady business this. Would I buy it again? Possibly not.

Destress Quotient: 4 AAHs


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