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Service Review: MINK Laundry

I like my stuff clean. Like bedsheets, cupboards and stuff. And underwear, of course. Who likes underwear dirty anyway? Point being, I like them clean but my effort towards cleaning it? Hmm. I am okay to load my washing machine and put some detergent in but beyond that, I can’t claim much. Like the last time when I went to give my Indian fancy clothes for dry cleaning, I completely forgot about them till about 2 weeks after. I obviously ran to them huffing and puffing hoping they hadn’t sold them on OLX or something.

With Diwali around the corner, we did have a bunch of things we needed cleaned but by the time the people at MINK Laundry got in touch with me, most of it was done. But I did manage to save two curtains from being cleaned- which is probably not a good thing on an average day- and decided to hand them over to the good people at MINK.

The Service

I was speaking to a person from the MINK team for a while before I could finally decide on what I should get dry cleaned. The curtains finally made the cut.

I went to place the order on their website http://www.mink.co.in and since they didn’t service my area, got a little confused and messaged the guy from their team who was in touch with me. Immediately, he asked to whatsapp the details of my location to the number given on the website. The reply was quick and a rendezvous was arranged. Yes, yes, a pick up. I got a call confirming the time.

The Experience

The MINK service person (I forget his name – I think it was Aslam) got here promptly on time with several MINK bags. Since the curtains were huge, he had to stuff these bags but he did it quite efficiently.


He then gave me a tiny slip confirming the number of clothes and the date. I was promised the curtains would be delivered in 3 days. I then received an email confirming that the clothes had been received and that they would be pampered. At which point, I was very happy for my curtains because everyone deserves a little pampering. On Day 2, I received a call to confirm the time I would like my clothes delivered. This time too, they delivered the curtains promptly on time. They were neatly packed and ironed and looked like they had finally had that long pending bath.


Verdict: MINK offers a great service and does it with style and panache. Its rates are available to see on their website which is super and are comparable to the laundries in my area. They maybe a tad pricier but for the finish and the service they offer, I would strongly recommend them. The service is currently available mainly in Powai, Andheri and Vile Parle but should be at your doorstep pretty soon.

Destress Quotient: 4.5 AAHs

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