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Hair Product Review: Bed Head TIGI Epic Volume Conditioner

You know what the real problem is? That we get hair where we don’t want it and not where we actually want it. That’s just so deep of me.

So remember that haircut I got from Mad O Wat? Yeah, well, I have finally outgrown it and I like what my hair is doing now. To give it some more loving, I am going all out. You remember that I loved the Bed Head TIGI Urban Anti-dotes range, Re-energize Shampoo and that I was kind of going cray cray about how good it is? Anyway, so I went and bought it all over again (Yes, I did love it that much) and because I am such a fan of experimenting, I got the Bed Head TIGI Epic Volume Conditioner as well.

If your hair is anything like mine- you wash it today and tomorrow it’s a limp mop – you know that your hair needs some lift and bounce and I thought it would do just that. So, here’s the review.

Bed Head TIGI Epic Volume Conditioner from their Styleshots range



Do you see what I did in that picture? Besides not being able to rotate it, that is?

Product claims it will give you a banging body (hair, no for the other you might have to hit the gym, conditioning your hair won’t help) and has a lightweight finish.

Feel: Okay, so this conditioner is super, super thick. Like so thick, it retains its shape when you squeeze it out of its tube. And when I saw that, I was like, no, this one is going to sit heavy on my hair. But, you know what? that didn’t happen. It worked wonderfully with my hair giving it the volume it needs without drying out my hair or making it sit on my head like a paperweight.

Fragrance: Ever eaten strawberries with cream? Really? How was it? I hate that I am so easily distracted. But desserts. Point being, the conditioner smells like strawberries. Like , cloyingly strawberrish. But once you put it on the ends and rinse it off, it doesn’t leave back a fragrance that will make you want to gag. Yay for that.


Price: Rs.850 for 200ml

Verdict: I know their products are expensive. I mean, Rs.850 for 200ml is definitely high. But for the finish and the  fabulous volume it gives you, I would say investing in this product makes sense. Plus, there’s a lot of it, so it should last you a good 4-5 months which is not so bad, is it?

Purchase: I have only seen the Bed Head TIGI products at Juice salons so that’s where I bought mine from.


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