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5 Reasons You are Unknowingly Putting On Weight

When you go on an all out binge, you feel guilty and you know exactly why you are feeling guilty. You scoffed down those fries, you ordered a second dessert- whatever it is, you know.

But there are times when you don’t know what you are doing wrong. And why you are putting on the weight that you are. You are like, ‘Dude, I think I am eating air and putting on weight’. Actually, it’s not. These 5 habits could be the reason for you putting on weight or not being able to take the weight off.

  1. You are counting wrong



That bit that nutritionists everywhere are saying? That one about having 5-6 small meals? You decided to do it. So, you are having small meals and you carry peanuts and other snacks for those meals. Fabulous. But have you accounted for the other stuff you are eating? Like a chocolate at a colleagues desk? Or a cola of coffee when you went down for a smoke break? Those calories add and because aren’t paying any attention to them, we completely miss them. Often, we don’t even remember having these. Yeah, they slip right under the radar.

Instead: Keep a food journal or diary and note down every single thing you consumed. By the way, this has been the toughest for me to do. It might help to have an app.

2. You didn’t plan



So like in the previous point, you decided to have the mini-meals but decided to wing it. Meaning, you didn’t carry 5 small snacks, you decided to simply walk out of office and get some fruits. The problem with this is that you will not have the 5-6 meals because you don’t take a break that often. Second, when you have so many choices, tucking into something crunchy, crispy and fried is so much more inviting than fruits. Falling off the wagon is a given.

Instead: Take the meals from home. Even if it’s a fruit- take it from home.

3. You reward yourself



When you just start off on a weight loss program, and we all do this, we workout so we can eat our favourite foods. 10 minutes more on the treadmill to have a cupcake or those slices of pizza. If we don’t stop that habit early, we tend to keep this behaviour going. When we workout, we reward ourself with food – cupcake, french fries- whatever we love. Let’s unlearn this.

Instead: Tell yourself that even if you workout, it doesn’t mean you can eat everything. And tell yourself this again. And then again.

4. You give up easily


Say you went out to lunch to a fast food joint and had a burger and fries for lunch. You feel super guilty. Later in the day, you grab some friend snacks because your diet has been dumped already right? Wrong. You don’t have to give up easily- one mistake is okay.

Instead:  Don’t beat yourself up if you’ve indulged. Just get back on track with the next meal. Yes, literally the next meal.

5. You have a sweet ending


I know. I know. I also crave a sweet something after a meal. But like Pooja Makhija says, anything your body doesn’t need, it will store as fat. So once the calories from your meal are enough, the sweet is going straight to your hips. Or waist. Or wherever.

Instead: Have that sweet – a piece of chocolate or whatever it is- after a gap of an hour or hour and half. That way, it can count as a separate meal and you can enjoy your small indulgence.

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