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Play Review: The Siddhus of Upper Juhu

So over the the weekend, I made my way to NCPA to watch the play ‘The Siddhus of Upper Juhu. Now, I have been wanting to watch this play for a while now but somehow haven’t gotten around to doing it. Anyway, I did this time. I booked the tickets through bookmyshow.

The Place


NCPA is at Nariman Point which is a fabulous place. Parking can be a bit of an issue and the place gets crowded pretty quick so getting here early is recommended.

Anyway, the theatre itself is pretty huge. The seats are divided into 5 rows from A to E. The rows A and E are at the extreme ends and are possibly the worst ones to pick.

By the way, there’s pretty much no network inside, so phones are kind of useless which for a play, is a fabulous thing.

The PlayIMG-20151117-WA0004

Right off the bat, let me tell you the play was refreshingly different. The play is about Bubbles (Rajit Kapoor) and Behroz (Shernaz Patel) who live in a swanky flat at a fancy address. The couple is disillusioned by the Mumbai life – everything from the cushions to the neighbours and even the dogs are annoying. Credit to the writers and actors here for making all these jokes without the screeching and shouting that usually accompanies these. The first half of the play moves quickly, the punchlines coming in at regular intervals and the pace quick. The writing is sharp and witty and subtly sarcastic as well. Plagued by urban problems – Bubbles is sacked, their apartment is robbed etc, Bubbles suffers from a mental breakdown.

In the second half, the script comes apart a little bit meandering in its message and its acting. The introduction of 3 characters is completely unnecessary and most of their conversation seems forced. There is an attempt to introduce sub-plots but the play would have done just fine without them. Overall, though, the play is a fun way to spend an evening.

Big minus: There was some problem with the sound system and at points, we couldn’t hear what Rajit Kapoor was saying.

The Climax

Play: The Siddhus of Upper Juhu

Cast: Rajit Kapoor, Shernaz Patel 

Director: Rahul Da Cunha

Set: The play is set in the couple’s swanky apartment

Language: English

Show: The 7pm show at Tata Theatre, NCPA

The wallet is lighter by : Rs.300 per seat booked on bookmyshow. Book early and gun for the B,C and D blocks. 

Duration: 100 minutes

Destress quotient: 4 AAHs 

Verdict: Some fabulous acting by the protagonists, tight scripting and amazing dialogues make this play a great watch. While I would recommend the first half more than the second, staying for the whole show does’t hurt. Catch this one when it comes around in your area. 


  1. I enjoy plays better, because of the energy and emotions in the theatre. I wouldn’t mind watching this play too.

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