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Product Review: Sally Hansen Instant Nail Hardener

So you know how I love my nails and all that right? And obviously companies also know this because I am a sucker for anything that promises pretty hands or pretty nails. Lately, my nails were splitting and peeling pretty regularly and I have no idea why. And it depresses me to have to file my nails down to ensure I can still keep my talons.


Which probably explains why I fell for this: The Sally Hansen Instant Nail Hardener which claims to stop nails from breaking- a bold, huge font. And as it goes, here’s my review of the product.

Sally Hansen Instant Nail Hardener

First off, you will have no idea how to use the product. I mean, there’s nothing on the packaging to tell you. I know, I know, how difficult can it be right? It’s supposed to be put on the nails. But still it would be nice if it was put somewhere I could read it before I actually buy the product. Also, the instructions are starting to disappear? That’s just not good.


I was really excited to try this product but it comes a nice, pricey tag so I was obviously a little wary. I ordered it anyway.

Feel: Well, technically this is a nail hardener so it is obviously you are expecting it to be like nail paint. Which is what it is exactly like. It’s like a base coat or a top coat but it isn’t very shiny which could be good or bad depending on what you are going for.

Fragrance: It smells exactly like a nail paint.

Price: Rs.630 for 13.3ml

Verdict: This is a product that has made it right up to my -‘ Product I regret buying list’. Right after I applied this, and I mean like two days after, my nails were chipping. And for the price it comes at, I was expecting much, much better. I would recommended skipping this one entirely. Have a look at my nails! See that middle finger? And I mean that in the nicest way – yeah that broke.


Where did I buy it from? I ordered it on Amazon

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