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6 Skincare Tips for Diwali Season- With ProTips For an Extra Boost

Happy Diwali guys!

Diwali is my favourite festival. Everything is lit up and bright and that’s just so pretty. Candles and fairy lights everywhere. Beautiful. Children with crackers- yeah, maybe that’s not so beautiful. But generally, it’s a happy, fun evoking warm, fuzzy feelings festival. This also means that you are invited to several parties and you are really loading on the makeup. While you go to town with the makeup, your skin is going to sign disappointedly, give up on you and sulk in a corner. That can’t be good.  Here are 7 tips to keep your skin looking clean and giving it some pampering so it behaves.

  1. Clean up good


It’s a good skin commandment – you do not sleep with makeup on. Everyone tells you that. And for that, you are going to need a really good makeup remover. Get something that is gentle and effective so you don’t end up rubbing your skin raw trying to get makeup off.

#ProTip: If you are wearing waterproof makeup, you end up having to go back and forth several times to take it off. Instead, just leave the remover-soaked cotton ball on your makeup for 5 seconds or so and then swipe, it should come off rather quickly. Also, baby oil comes highly recommended to remove makeup.

2. Lend it a helping hand


Once your skin is clean and you are going to hit the snooze button, you can help your skin with it’s recovery with a pampering serum. I personally like the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate but it’s kind of expensive. Choose a serum that helps your skin recover from all that onslaught of makeup.

#ProTip: If you don’t have a serum or cream handy, it’s okay. Use an aloe vera ice cube. What’s that? Simply freeze some aloe vera gel and rub this on your skin after you have cleaned you face. Your skin will feel super and it comes without the heavy price tag.

3. Drink up


Putting on loads of makeup and taking it off can dry skin off. To keep your skin looking healthy, drink plenty of water during the day and if you are having a late night, during the night as well. After that, moisturise, moisturise and moisturise some more. You can check out the gel options that disappear into skin but give you enough hydration here.

#ProTip: If your skin is still feeling super dry, use a night cream on your face. Night creams are heavier and can help your tide over the super-dry skin moments. If it feels too oily, remember to gently dab a tissue on to it to take some oiliness off but keep the moisture on.

4.  Eye Spy


Eyes usually take the most pounding in terms of products. We try the smokey, the winged eyeliner, the eyeshadow, slather on the concealer and what not. Which means your eyes need some special help. Obviously, we shall turn to the eye cream. Gently and I mean, really gently dab on some eye cream and pat it in. Drum your fingers around the eye but go really easy on it. It feels nice.

#ProTip: Freeze a cucumber, grate it and apply the juice on your eyes and around it to give your eyes some major TLC. I like this more than grated potato.

5.  Have a steamy session


Steaming your face doesn’t require any  equipment. Simply heat some water in a pan, let it boil, tuck your head inside a towel and get some steam. Once done, pull out a brush and put on a mask and let it dry on your face before washing it off.  I like this mask.

#ProTip: If you would rather not steam your face for whatever reason, you can always scrub it and apply a mask. Steaming though comes highly recommended.

6. Work it out


There’s nothing that gets gets of toxins like a good workout session. Go ahead and indulge in some huffing and puffing even if you can just fit 20 minutes of it in. It does wonders for your skin. Seriously, sweating it out has some major skin benefits.

#ProTip: If pencilling in a workout seems too difficult, hit the dance floor at the party. That’s a super workout and it’s always fun.


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