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In News: Tata Literature Live is coming (Yay!). Asics is in Mumbai.

The festival season is here and there’s so much happening around the city. But these two events that I was invited to have been rather interesting.

Tata Literature Live: The Mumbai LitFest 2015

I was invited for a blogger’s meet to kick off this event which was a fabulous affair at Cafe Zoe. Anil Dharkar, the person behind this festival, Deepa Gahlot and Ravi Subramanian were on a panel discussing everything from politics to religion to even Twitter trolls. It got very interesting when the way to deal with trolls was discussed. It was a fabulous event as book lover, writers and publishers were all there, talking about well, books. The atmosphere for a person like me felt alive and electric. The festival is happening on the 29th of October at NCPA so make sure you clear up your day to make it there. We all got Ravi’s latest book – The Bestseller She Wrote – which I am reading with zealous passion right now.

Check out their website www.litlive.in for details on the schedule and timings.


Can I please also mention the fact that we were all treated to some wonderful food and service by the people over at Zoe? Much love to the one guy (can’t remember his name) who was being badgered by our constant requests from iced teas to colder iced teas to ones with no ice. You did a fab job there, sir.

Runners up with ASICS

ASICS, a Japanese athletic footwear and apparel company launched in Mumbai at the Skyzone at High Street Phoenix. We got invited as bloggers to have a look at their range. And it was quite a fabulous event with them checking our gait to see what kind of shoe would fit us best and then recommending one to us. It was all very scientific though some of the equipment looked like it might eat my foot. Check out the pictures- that thing on the right? Yeah, that gobbles up your entire foot.


I do believe the event needed to be handled a bit better. Bloggers were left to their own devices while one got tested for their gait- it was gait keeping. I think it was an hour before I even had a chance to understand what exactly they were checking in that little box.

That aside, ASICS might be the brand to turn to for runners.

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