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5 Things to do this Weekend to Fall in Love With Your Partner All Over Again

When you have been in a relationship or have been married for long and haven’t gone completely nuts, you are a nice, kind and insane person, so congrats. But truth is, the movie dinner routine can get boring very quickly. And while sometimes vegging it out on the couch chomping on something unhealthy works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Sometimes you just want to get out of the house and do something fun. Here are 5 things to do with your partner over the weekend that will rock your world.Okay, it might not rock your world, maybe just shake it a little bit. Like a nudge.

It will change, okay? Okay.

  1. Play hard to get


This weekend, pull out a board game – scrabble, twister or anything that can be played by two people and challenge your partner to a round. While they may seem like they don’t want to do it, trust me, 1 round of them losing will change everything. I am yet to see someone who doesn’t feel competitive when challenged in a game. That’s just sparks everywhere. And if you are playing twister, go crazy. Like play naked Twister or something.

2. Dance while someone’s watching


Take your partner for a dance class. Now if you are good at it and they aren’t, they are going to get intimidated so that’s not fair. Instead go for something you are both new to – like a salsa or jive class. They often have theme nights at restaurants and pubs around the city, so go and try your hand at it there. But you have to dance. It’s plenty of fun and even if you suck, you can always laugh together.

3. So skilly


It’s awesome to be great at something. But you know what’s also fun? To suck at something so miserably you can’t help but laugh. This weekend, sign yourself and your partner up to learn a new skill. It could be pottery or painting or even a crash course in cooking your favourite meal. Learning something new that’s not in your comfort zone could draw you closer.

4. Show and tell



Of course you could go for a movie. But that’s mundane. If you really want to change things up, go for something unexpected. Like the screening of a movie in a language you don’t understand, or for a play or a stand up gig. Laughing together because of not knowing what’s going on or because you understand but have a history can be you go all warm and fuzzy inside all over again.

5. Spoil me



If you guys have had a particularly long week and are craving some down time, don’t just snooze in bed. Wait, that’s a good idea. But to really make a weekend out of it, book yourselves in for a pampering couples massage. If the candles, flowers and someone working out your knots doesn’t put you in a good mood, I don’t know what will.

Try these? Let me know how it went.

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  1. Nikita Desai Mehta says

    And…any ideas If he isn’t available at all the entire weekend… What could be done to fall in love all over again 🙂
    I tried the Nutella jar… It worked for me till it lasted and then I’d to Google “love” again 😉


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