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The Perfect Concealer for Indian Skin: A Face Off between 4 brands

So I only use concealer when I am looking like a racoon which is a lot of the time. I also use concealer only under my eyes (Yes, I don’t have many blemishes or pimples to hide. Don’t hate me) so this review is written from that point of view. Spend wisely friends.

Concealer 1: Clinique All About Eyes Concealer


Shade: 03 Light Petal

Feel: This concealer sits on pretty heavy on the first go. While you can go dab-a-dab on it, I don’t tend to like extremely thick concealers

Does it do the job? No. While there is a strong possibility that I may have gone too light with the shade, the concealer doesn’t glide on easily and settles into my lines- a feature I absolutely hate. I have also noticed this with Clinique – it’s shades are extremely biased towards its white skin users so the shades aren’t warm enough for Indian skin and have an undertone that doesn’t sit well with us.

Coverage: Ho hum to light. But because this isn’t my shade for sure, my dark circles tend to shine through.

Fragrance: Extremely makeup-y.

Price: Rs. 1500 – 1600 for 10ml (It should last you a while)

Concealer 2: Inglot Cream Concealer


Shade: 25 (It’s not obvious on the tube, it’s a number behind)

Feel: This is the thickest concealer I have ever tried. It’s like a huge blob of lard. And as you can guess, is immensely difficult to blend.

Does it do the job? It would if it would move. This concealer is like a lazy person. It just doesn’t move. And even if it does, it takes a lot of blending for it to make any sort of dramatic change to your face. While it may be the right shade, it’s too thick and too tied down by its weight to be able to deliver a performance.

Coverage: Decent provided you are okay with spending a good 20 minutes just blending your concealer.

Fragrance: Mild but like a makeup product.

Price: Rs. 750 for a 10ml (this will be around after you are dead, it’s that thick)

Concealer 3: Sephora Smoothening and Brightening Concealer 


Shade: Moyen/Medium 08

Feel: I love the feel of this product. It’s lightweight and easy and glides on quite easily. Since the product is more liquid than cream, it’s extremely blendable.Since it’s a twist up, you get only a little amount each time which is enough for one application. Plus, no wastage which is always good.

Does it do the job? Yes, if you get the right shade, the Sephora one is a hard worker. I would recommend using a corrector under it, it tends to give way after a couple of hours. However, the choice in shades is quite limited and you might have to settle for a shade up or down with it. I had the same issue and I mix it with the Ingot one to get my shade.

Coverage: Low to medium.

Fragrance: Mild and not very beauty product like.

Price: Can’t find it online but it comes at under a 1000 bucks.

Concealer 4: Chanel Highlighter Face Pen


Shade: 40 Biege Moyen

Feel: Guys, when I found this concealer, I think I peed a little. I love it so much. It’s so easy to blend, stays put and doesn’t scurry into my lines and set up camp there. Again, it’s a twist up so little product , more performance. For the price it comes for, you will want to save it forever.

Does it do the job? Yes. Yes. Yes. I loved this product as a concealer. It does need a corrector underneath but requires very little blending so my under eye area doesn’t get strained. Plus, it lights up that entire area making it look luminous.

Coverage: Medium to High

Fragrance: Mild but pleasant

Price: Anything from Rs. 4000- Rs. 5000 but absolutely worth its weight in gold.

Of course you expected a MAC concealer to be here. So did I. However, they have discontinued my shade NC44 and now I don’t use the brand anymore. YSL Touche Eclat? Yes, that one I have tried but like Clinique, it’s range didn’t have  a shade I loved.

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