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5 Tips to Stop Eating Junk Food to Stay on Your Weight Loss Journey

Sometimes we can’t breakup with certain people. I have the same kind of relationship with food. I just can’t seem to stay without some of them. The foods, per se, are nice. It’s just that we aren’t a good match. First, food tends to go all crazy and attach itself to various parts of my body. It’s very clingy like that. Second, it’s very stubborn. I try really hard to make it go away but it won’t listen. It just sits there looking very tempting. So yes, we can’t break up. But as you know. I have lost a few kilos and here’s the heart-breaking story of how I broke up with my favourite foods.

I do go back to it sometimes but it’s just rebound. And short-term. But in that little time we are together I do feel immense love for it. So what do you do to stay off your favourite foods? Because I am sure you favourite foods are addictive and not helping in your fitness journey. I give you a few tried and tested ways to make to stay off the junk food.



Now most sane advice about being fit and avoiding junk is to stay as far away from it as you can. What worked for me was the absolute opposite. I say you attack it with everything you have. So say you like the pizzas of Domino’s. For the next few days (do this only when you are really, really serious about wanting to lose weight), keep ordering their pizzas for all meals. Mostly by the 2nd meal, you won’t want to have it again. If not that, by the 4th time, you will definitely not want it. And then you will officially be ‘over’ that food.

Guilty, as charged


When you eat food thats bad for you like fries or a huge burger, and you are really working out and eating better so you can lose weight, you will feel a huge wave of guilt. Allow yourself to fully feel that guilt. Feel like a bad person, feel like you don’t have control. Don’t sweet talk your inner self out of it. But once you’ve felt the guilt, pick yourself up and get going. Feeling the guilt makes you more aware of what you put in your mouth.

That’s the way the cook-ie crumbles


If you’ve your poison close at hand, you will have it. Seriously, it’s just so difficult to step away from it. But if it’s not easily available, it’s easier to fight off a craving. So, don’t have it at home. Another way to do it is to cook it. When you realise how much unhealthy stuff goes into it, it can put you off the dish. Like when I bake cupcakes and see how much butter is in the batter, I don’t want to have them anymore. And that’s because I don’t like butter. Try it, the constant smell of it, the chopping and sauteeting and wait times make you not want to have it anymore.

Pick your favourites


If you go to a bakery and there’s many things available but you have a favourite, here’s what you need to do. If you are likely to have 2 slices of your favourite pastry because of a mad craving, buy something else first. Something you don’t like. Like a biscuit or a cookie. Then, after you’ve finished that thing you don’t like, buy your favourite pastry. One, if you are craving something sweet, the cookie or biscuit satisfies that craving, so you crave it less. Second, you will feel a little full and might not want it at all after- which is always good, right?

Friends with benefits

Okay, I dont know if you notice this when you eat but we are all tempted not just by the food item itself but also the flavour combinations. Like fries and ketchup. So keep your portions in check and avoid over-eating, don’t order the condiments or accompaniments. So if you love your burger slathered with mayo, don’t order the mayo at all. My bets are that you will not even want to have the whole thing.

Try these. They worked for me. Could work for you. Let me know either way, okay?


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