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5 Must-Have Products for Women Who Travel

We all love travelling. With social media so in our face, it’s very un-cool to say you don’t like travelling. I mean where are those inspirational quotes about travel or those pictures of your feet at a beach going to go if not on your timeline? You cannot claim to not like backpacking (much cooler than luxurious holidays). Or that you are not really into pooping in train toilets. Or eating spicy local food (I actually can’t do this. There. I said it.) Or that you sleep better in your own bed. Because everyone loves travelling.

Anyway, if someone is going to drag you out of your house and take you on a trip or if you decide to do that on your own, here are 5 absolute must-haves that you will need in your bag. Put these in to be safe, clean and hygienic while travelling.


Now there might not be going on the vacation to soak up some sun but this one is absolutely essential anyway. I know you know it but you need sunscreen even on cloudy days. Slather one that gets absorbed into the skin so you don’t end up skipping it. By the way, even if you are travelling for work, a good sunscreen can make for a good base.

2. PeeSafe

Travelling in India may mean that you are going to have to pee in the dirtiest of toilets. From the ones in trains to the ones on highways hidden behind petrol pumps, discovering the world is going to take you to really dirty places. Peesafe is a product is super handy to have around. This toilet seat sanitiser takes care of almost 99 percent of the germs. The pack says the 1 percent of the germs are senile anyway but I assume they mean sterile. Surely, the age of the germs has nothing to do with the efficacy. You simply have to spray this on the toilet seat, wait for 5 seconds and then instead of squatting awkwardly, you can actually sit peacefully! Hallelujah.

3. Sanitizer

Come on, you are going to be travelling, eating, sitting, walking, sweating. There’s going to be plenty of things going around and that means there’s going to be lots of dirt and dirty hands. You will need a sanitizer. While it doesn’t replace a good old wash with water, it comes a close second.

4. Dry Shampoo

Sometimes you are going to be travelling for more than 2 days with no access to a bath. You may be sweating, you may decide to look ugly and wear a cap, you may not have enough water for a hair bath. Which is what makes dry shampoo essential. Even the cleanest hair smells bad after 4 days. Spray some dry shampoo in there and you hair will look slightly less limp and you will smell less like a homeless person. Plus, when water isn’t available, this is magic! When you are travelling for work and pressed for time, dry shampoo can be your best friend.

5. Thermal Spring Water

Okay, so this may be slightly fancy but having thermal spring water on your hands never hurts. You can spray it on your face and it’s super refreshing, you can take the edge of the sun glare by spraying some on, you can even soothe an insect bite ever so slightly with these. And if you are having a particularly rough day, it’s very indulgent, so it’s an instant pick-me-up. I love it and it’s already made a debut in my handbag. Carry it along and you’ll discover why it’s ever-so-handy.


  1. sneharane1292 says

    Hey! Had never heard about PeeSafe! Squatting does get really awkward and I’m someone who finds alternative to squats even at the gym! 😉
    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Just saw the post on PeeSafe here, Thanks for covering this in the list of essentials.
    I would be happy to send a Sample if you would like to try and write about (no obligations)
    Share your details on vikas(at)safetykart (dot) com


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