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Calories in Junk Food and How Long You Need to Workout To Burn it Off

So we have been talking about being healthy on this blog for a while. And you know that I am not of the opinion that you should completely stop being indulgent. I love myself an occasional slice of pizza or a burger. And sometimes, people put cupcakes in front of me. I don’t want to have the cupcake. But it looks so sorry, sitting there all pretty begging me to have it. I only have it to put it out of its misery. But then one day, I dug out the work I would have to do to work that one cupcake off. And the results were not good, let me tell you. So I decided to do all the junk we have and the amount we would have to workout to burn those calorie. Not fun.

McDonalds McVeggie Burger without Cheese

The burger even without the cheese adds a whopping 360 calories to your count. Add fries and a drink and we are easily looking at more than 500 calories in just one meal. Here’s how much you would need to workout to burn that. One full hour, that’s how long you will have to drag your feet.


Subway Chicken Seekh 6 inch

Obviously you are looking to eat healthy; why else would you turn to Subway? But turns out, even the most innocent seeming can pack a punch. What? It clocks in at 404 calories. Not as healthy as you thought huh?  In fact, throw in a few sauces (because we are Indian and can’t do without those) and you will be working out much more and much longer. Sigh.


Pizza Hut One Slice Exotica

If you can stick to one slice, then it’s not so bad. But can you really stick to one? What kind of person are you? First of all, it’s pizza and you don’t stop at one slice. Second, it’s pizza. You know what I mean right?


Red Velvet Cupcake

One cupcake can’t be that bad? Can it? Maybe not. But think about it, you could have a whole burger in the same amount of calories. But it’s a cupcake. And sometimes you just want to have one. Go ahead, I am not looking.


Naturals Sitaphal Ice Cream

Listen, it’s a well-known thing. You don’t say no to ice-cream. And then in this season, sitaphals are everywhere. Naturals takes this yummy fruit and makes it into ice-cream and it’s beyond compare. But there are calories in it. Of course. Okay, we will only have a scoop okay? Good.

Naturals Ice Cream

Disclaimer: All calories counts have been taken from MyFitnessPal and are approximate. The times for the workouts have been calculated according to a Google search for calories burned by an average person. 


  1. Sulekha Dagli says

    You have good convincing power for not to it.I will really think twice to eat this type of food.


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