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5 Dance Workouts that Burn 400 Calories and More

The treadmill and I are not friends. The gym and I are like those friends who meet after a long time, promise to meet up again but no one ends up calling the other one. Basically, I hate being cooped up in a room full of sweaty people who grunt and groan while working out. I prefer something that doesn’t feel like a workout. A feeling I assume a lot of us identify with. We want to trick our body into thinking we are just going for a dance class and then bam! We give it a workout instead. Evil but in a good way.

Dance classes can be a great workout and if you control your diet while doing one of these, the pounds will melt off you. Some classes can burn more than 500 calories in the hour and that’s fabulous. A good instructor can also amp up the intensity so you feel the burn or turn it down a notch to give you an easier workout. Here are 5 dance workouts that could put you on your way to a great body.



Zumba is everywhere and every one who is any one is doing it. I know a few people who swear by the benefits of this dance workout. It’s a high energy workout which should help you work up a sweat. It incorporates a lot of dancing styles to there are lots of moves to be learned as well. And it doesn’t matter if you have two left feet, when you are in a class, no one really cares.

Calories burned (approx) : 300-500



I attended a Bokwa workshop once and I can tell you this. This is the workout you should be gunning for if you want to be dripping sweat after an hour. Because this workout has a lot of energy, it also tends to make the class a lot of fun. There’s hooting, clapping and a bunch of fun thrown in. It doesn’t feel like a workout at all. And if you happen to have a good instructor, Bokwa is easy to fall in love with.

Calories burned (approx): They claim upto 1200 calories but I would peg it at between 500-800



Now I know you think you know this routine because you do it at every wedding but a real Bhangra workout will leave you huffing and puffing and bringing the house down. Like all other classes, this dance workout has music – in this case Punjabi music- and has hand and leg movements you know and some that you don’t. Some instructors will teach a sequence per class which they repeat while other just teach moves. There’s no standard procedure. But I will tell you this, it does bring out your fun, Punjabi side.

Calories burned (approx): 300-500


Garba is a dance form from the Indian state of Gujarat. However, it comes with complex moves that make for a pretty fabulous workout. While this is just about catching on – right now choreographers will teach you this – it’s beautiful and fun. Here, you are taught a series of moves with Garba music playing in the background. When the tempo of the song picks up, you move faster while performing the same steps. It looks easy from the outside but one hour and you will be exhausted.

Calories burned (approx): 400-600

Bollywood Aerobics


You may not be Hrithik Roshan but Bollywood Aerobics can make you think you can do any dance step there is. Also called Bollybics, Bollywood Aerobics combines the cardio workout of aerobics and the artistic moves of Bollywood. The instructor usually picks an upbeat song, arranges a few steps to it and takes the students through the entire routine. You may learn a new song each week or new steps of a song in a week. Whatever it is, the instructors tend to mix it up and it’s a lot of fun. Plus, anyone of any age can do it.

Calories burned (approx): 400-600

There are other dance forms like Belly Dancing and more but I found these to be the most exciting and entertaining.


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