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Want to Try Gourmet Food? 5 Websites to Shop From

Let’s say you have a lot of money. Or atleast your parents have a lot of money and a lot of connections. You already live in the posh side of town, eat at the coolest eateries and if you are from Mumbai, you occasionally travel by cab (when you are slumming it) as well. So how do you know you’ve arrived? When you have gourmet food stocked on your kitchen shelves. When you eat farm fresh produce and personally supervise the cow when it’s being milked.

But say you are like me. You know, trying to make your blog work and make some money while also wanting to eat delicious food while not compromising on the taste. Like you want to put cream cheese in your cheesecake and not paneer. Where do you go for gourmet food that tastes good and will be delivered home? I picked out a few options for you.

Foodesto for Cheese

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If you want parmesan for your pesto or cream cheese for your cheesecake and you want it at your doorstep, turn to Foodesto. They have all kinds of cheese – firm, soft and more and if you live in Mumbai, they will deliver it next day! It comes in a nice cloth bag and generally my experience of working with this website has been quite nice.

Raw Pressery for Juice

Raw Pressery

If you are the kind that doesn’t drink juice because nutritionists have been saying that takes all the fibre away, this is the place for you. Raw Pressery has cold pressed juices which are fresh and are labeled so you can use them for your specific purpose. You can always sign up for a plan where they deliver fresh juices to you, every day.

Pride of Cows for Milk

Pride of Cows

If the little pouches of milk simply don’t make the cut for you, you are in luck. Pride of Cows is based out of Mumbai and provides fresh cow’s milk to your house. It comes in a bottle and a friend of mine says it tastes like ‘the real thing’ and is soul satisfying. They also imported (flew in? borrowed?) cows so the milk is yum, they claim.

Satvikk for nuts


Despite the Ekta Kapoor inspired double kk in the name, this website is pretty cool with what it has to offer. If you don’t want to make several rounds of places like Crawford Market in this season or any other season, have the fancy nuts come to you. They come nicely packaged and they have all kinds of hard to find nuts as well – I am talking about the hazelnuts, macadamia nuts and the like.

CCDS for chocolate


Don’t settle for horrible chocolate when baking needs arise. Or when the temptation to have chocolate strikes. Log on to CCDS online shop and get clicking on the chocolates they have – and they have the good ones. You can even buy smaller packs of Callebut here. A fabulous brand for chocolates it is. They also have plenty for all your baking needs, so it’s a good bet.

Other websites that also have gourmet products are the online shop of Godrej Nature’s Basket and Gourmetco. I tried the sections of Local Banya and Bigbasket but they are very average.

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