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Weekly Roundup: The news in the world of beauty, wellness, Mumbai and more…


In your Faces

Pop Princess

Faces Canada launched ‘IT Kits’ that come with makeup and jewellery for Rs.2500 each. You can read the review here.

Get pretty Hyderabad

Warren Tricomi is now in Hyderabad. Remember when I wanted to review them but ended up at Wynn Salon instead? Yeah, well. Peeps in Hyderabad, these guys are pretty fab, so head over when you can.

Catch up these interesting reads:

If you thought people’s hair in commercials looked like that, well, they don’t . Here’s how they do it.

Before you step in to get your feet all prettified, here’s what your pedicurist wants you to know.

Also did this, 

  • Went to The Hive for Book On Toast. Where they sold books. You could as many books as you could stuff into one bag for Rs.300. The place desperately needs ventilation though. My nostrils were assaulted.
  • Had lunch at Salt Water Cafe in Bandra, Found the experience quite underwhelming. The food lacked seasoning and our waiter was panicky. This is from the same people who are behind Smoke House Deli. Smoke House fares much better on the food front.

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