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Beauty Haul and Products Review: Faces ‘IT Kit’ in Pop Princess

Faces Canada is an interesting brand. Interesting because I assume they started off making only stuff for faces like eyeshadows, foundation and the like. But now they have nail polish and shower gels and what not. So you end up putting Faces products on your hands and feet, which sounds kind of wrong. Anyway. I was invited to the launch of the ‘Faces IT Kit’ at their store in Infinity Mall, Malad. So I booked a flight and went over. Kidding, but it’s really far, okay?

I was pleasantly surprised to see Faces Canada do something with their brand because they have been fairly quiet. You don’t see ads, posters, any traction in media at all. Also, they have a super nail polish collection, so I have been keeping an eye on the brand. To see them finally shrug off the cobwebs and get moving is a good sign.

So, what is the ‘IT Kit’? Yeah, it’s not where you get a modem, a mouse and a wifi router but I can imagine why you would think that. The ‘IT Kit’ is something the brand has come up with in collaboration with ‘The Trunk Label’ which has Bipasha Basu are the Creative Director. So the kit throws in jewellery and make up. It’s a trend that starting to pick up. Remember here when I told you about Oriflame also sending us jewellery?

Anyhoo, this is a limited edition thing, They have 5 themes to pick from – Floral Darling, Glam Goddess, Scarlet Siren, Azure Mermaid and Pop Princess. You can pick yours for Rs.2500. Each kit has some makeup- lipsticks, eyeliner etc- and jewellery for the neck and hands.

Each of us walked away with a kit each. I got Pop Princess which has fabulous nail shades. While I do love their shades, only having nail products in the kit? I don’t know. Especially when one retails for Rs. 230. You get 5 for Rs.2500? They do have a colourful necklace though. You can check out what the kit has at the back of the box. The other kits do have other things and not just one category of products. The products come bubble wrapped in a pretty gold pouch.

Here’s my review:

Pop Princess

Fire Stick. – A bright shade of orange and it’s in matte so yay. While it does go matte, even after two coats, the whites of the nails are visible and I don’t like that.

Lemon – A cheery yellow shade. Two coats and the colour comes through. You won’t need to apply a coat of white polish under (a lot of people do this to make the colour pop)

Envy – A nice shade of green but it doesn’t really pop. I would have loved a more teal or turquoise with this kit.

Ibiza- It’s a pink and it’s matte. The problem is like the first one, the white of the nails show.

Enchanted – An interesting shade of blue. It’s nice but I don’t love it. Again, would have preferred a darker blue – navy or indigo – that’s more in fashion but yes, it wouldn’t go with the pop princess look.

I have an Invisible Mermaid bottle- it’s clear. What’s unclear is whether it can be used as top or base coat. There’s also a nail polish remover.

For the top coat, 

The wallet is lighter by: Rs.2500

Verdict: Their nail colours have always been fun and this is no exception. However, the matte ones might need one more coat. A friend of mine also complains about their polishes drying quickly but that hasn’t happened to me yet.

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