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Book Review: Simple, Plane Love

There are some writers that can inspire you to become writers. And some that kind of make you think, hey, I could have done better than that. I was invited to the launch of Simple Plane Love. Which is, as the title suggests (perhaps, not knowingly) about loving planes. Yes, you get a lot of plane loving in this book. And not much else.

The book is written by Priyanka Luthra, who is probably a wonderful pilot. However, as a writer, she tried but simply doesn’t make the cut. The book is about Meera Khanna who flies to exotic destinations and lives in a fancy apartment in Manila. I do believe this part of the story has been greatly inspired by the author’s life.

Unfortunately, the author fails to translate the vibrancy of her life into the book. The prose is staid and lifeless, the characterization a complete letdown and nothing happens in the book. Priyanka often uses to the line, ‘The moon/the waves/the sand/random object was a silent observer to something’ in an attempt to describe the surroundings. The author wastes 186 pages to come to a stupid realization; one that an intelligent reader would have cottoned on to at probably the 26th page.


While her professional ability is unquestionable and something she possibly excels in, I don’t think the publisher should have handed her a contract purely because on the basis of her job. Nothing in the book works. 

Publisher: Rupa

The wallet is lighter by: Rs. 195

Destress Quotient: 1 AAHs 

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