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Weekly Roundup: The news in the world of beauty, wellness, Mumbai and more…


JCB gets Pali with us

JCB launched their new Pali Naka salon with much aplomb. They had men channeling their inner Elvis Presley’s walking the ramp in a collection they called Homme Vintage. Have a look at some of the pictures from the event. Looked fab huh?

D&D - JCB-10 D&D - JCB-2 D&D - JCB-18 D&D - JCB-19 D&D - JCB-21 D&D - JCB-22 D&D - JCB-24 D&D - JCB-26 D&D - JCB-27

Images courtesy: Sanket Mhatre

Oriflame goes green

Oriflame launched a new range of products called Love Nature. The products are supposed to have the goodness of Neem and be paraben-free. We bloggers were invited to the launch where Sonali Bendre Behl was also present looking pretty and making all of us feel inadequate. Her top had pearls which were kind of falling out. As usual, I give you information you need and don’t.

The funny thing about virginity

Romedy Now has a new show called Jane the Virgin. We were invited to a screening of the show and it definitely looked promising. The programming director said the series would work in India because of our special love for virginity. Okay, she may have not said that.

The show airs Monday to Friday at 7pm.

Also did these things,

  • Had dinner at Spesso at Nariman Point. I am going to reserve all comments about the food. All I am going to say is that the chef should step away from lemons and vinegar. Seriously.
  • Caught ‘Stories of the Supernatural’ at The Hive. It was a narration of supernatural stories by Krishnaarjun who are all one person and have nothing to do with Mahabharat. In a dimly lit room, we all sat down for this free event. As he narrated the stories, a lot of us were tuned in, someone outside was going up and down the stairs, my friend’s legs fell asleep from sitting in the same position too long and mosquitoes were enjoying the buffet called my legs. Was it interesting? Absolutely. Novel concept. Could it have been done better? Absolutely.

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