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5 foods to eat after a workout (Plus, there’s a contest)

You can feel a little too awesome after workouts. You’ve burned all those calories and you have shed some major sweat. You can feel at the top of your game. It may make you want to splash some water on your head and make you think you look like Milind Soman but mostly you look like a wet dog. Anyway, now you think you deserve that last piece of cake, right? STOP. Stop right there. You cannot have it. In fact, what you eat after a workout could be the most important thing you eat all day. To keep a good food day going, you could also look up some of the partners of Fitternity who provide some great meal options. And since #Fitmania is going on, sign up now and you could grab some killer deals on yum grub. Here are the top 5 things you should eat after a workout.

1. Eggs

Grab a couple of eggs and whip them into an omlette and you body will thank you for it. You need plenty of protein after a workout and eggs are your answer. Throw in veggies and you will be full and nourished.

2. Bananas

You may love the minions but their shape is just kinda round. But don’t blame ‘em bananas for it. And if the shape round isn’t on your fitness program, grab a banana post a workout. It has good carbs and also gives you a boost of potassium.

3. Chocolate Milk

Believe it or not, your daily cup of Bournvita is a great recovery meal. Just don’t steal it from your child. It has carbs and protein so it makes is ideal for after workouts. Add some toasted nuts on top to turn up the taste a notch. Don’t go overboard with the sugar though.

4. Nuts

Go nuts with some nuts. Throw in dates, walnuts, peanuts, channa into one wholesome mix and you are good to gorge on something crunchy and yummy after you’ve worked your muscles. You could also top off a breakfast parfait with nuts for more nutrition.

5. Sprouts

For the perfect post workout snack, soak some moong and channa overnight. Saute them with onions and tomatoes (use minimal oil) and gobble it up! It’s delicious and great for restoring energy while giving you nourishment. Throw in some paneer for added protein.

Now for the contest, the hampers for which are being provided by Fitternity. Leave the answer in the comments box below. Now, go. You can win!

Foods Fitternity Contest

The Fine Print

Right now, the contest is open only to Mumbai residents

One winner will be chosen for each contest. This is contest two.  You can participate in both if you want! However, you may only send in one entry for one contest.

The winner will be chosen only post 9th August when Fitmania ends and all comments will be approved only then.

Winners will be contacted through social media and Fitternity will dispatch the hampers to them once I provide them with the contact details.


  1. Gaurav Tarkar says

    My favourite post-workout snack is the Sprouts Bhel. I like to mix different sprouts together and spice it up with pepper or chaat masala and little chilli powder and add a tang of lemon and with chopped coriander, tomato, onions and bell peppers.


  2. A glass of veg juice with any three green / leafy, fresh vegetables/ greens and an omlette with 3 egg whites is my most favourite Post workout snack.


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