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Contest: Fitness goodies up for grabs!

Remember this post where I did the things you can find in a girl’s bag? Yes, like I said, it can be kind of like a black hole. But a gym bag is right up there. You practically throw everything in there. And if you are going out to dinner or meeting up with friends after, you have to carry so much more. You obviously have your “gym” shoes, there’s the towel to wipe off the sweat when you are starting to look like you are losing your body mass in sweat.  If you are cool enough, you will also have a post workout protein shake.  Oh and please throw in a deodorant. I mean, after an intense fat busting routine, you are going to need plenty of that.

And that’s what brings us to our contest. Fitternity’s Fitmania promotion means that you can get your hands on some Fitmania goodies – which includes awesome accessories and healthy eats. Yup, everything you need to look dapper and keep getting fit. Here’s where to go to grab some fabulous offers: http://www.fitternity.com/fitmania.  Simply comment with your answer (put it in the comments of this post) and the funniest and most interesting answer walks away with the prize.

Contest - Fitternity 

The Fine Print

Right now, the contest is open only to Mumbai residents

One winner will be chosen for each contest. This is contest one. There is another one coming up. You can participate in both if you want! However, you may only send in one entry for one contest.

The winner will be chosen only post 9th August when Fitmania ends and all comments will be approved only then.

Winners will be contacted through social media and Fitternity will dispatch the hampers to them once I provide them with the contact details.


  1. Gaurav Tarkar says

    I saw a couple of intimate apparels in my (guy) friend’s gym bag. I asked him, why are you carrying so many u*dies? He said, I need them. I looked at him, and he’d just got off the treadmill, and then I realised that the sweat map might’ve a southern hemisphere to it as well. Poor fellow.


  2. Sanket Mhatre says

    I don’t know if this counts as the funniest, but it’s definitely the weirdest thing I’ve seen someone pull out of their gym bag. In a gym inside the Taj hotel, a guy pulled out his laptop, complete with a charger and a separate mouse… (I’m assuming his track pad wasn’t working), but that’s not the shocker, what made me literally drop my dumbells was when he logged on to the hotel’s wifi and watched YouTube videos on how to exercise, and proceeded to do so…never have I ever seen anyone come more prepared to the gym!!!


  3. Gaurav Desai says

    Felt like visited a food market when i opened up a friends gym bag – protein shake, sprouts and bananas


  4. Shreya M says

    So I have actually seen this. It was one of those rare occasions when I was at the gym.. huffing and puffing on the treadmill… I glanced over at the mirror and I see a reflection of this guy walking towards the bench press… He sits down and pulls out a newspaper from his gym bag and starts to solve a crossword!!! Now that’s what I call commitment!


  5. Heena ashar says

    I have found d most weirdest thing in my friend’s bag & that was the used movie tickets -all of them which has seen with her bf 😂😂😂 was hilariously romantic 😍


  6. Brat says

    Rat from (probably the gym) entered the gym bag and that’s the most funniest and weirdest thing I’ve found in my gym bag 🙂


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