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5 arguments against your excuses to not workout

Damn. Another Monday gone. Don’t you hate it when weekdays are not predictable and just sneak up on you like that? I mean, if you knew Monday was around the corner, you would have stocked up on healthy veggies and got your workout gear and started eating right. I get it, you have a million excuses to not start your regime. Unfortunately, this post is going to make a kickass argument for every excuse you come up with. And making this easy is Fitmania 2015 by Fittternity, a fitness sale that is going to make you want to whoop your bum into shape and do it in style.


Excuse No. 1: I am too busy

As surprising as this may sound to you, the rest of us only have 24 hours in a day as well. Yup, it’s true. You aren’t the only one who’s got a bad deal. So if we are jogging, skipping, or working out with our schedules, you can. And if it requires waking up early, you know you can sleep early too, right? Most gyms are open by 6am and way beyond 8 so really, who are you kidding? Sign up!

Excuse No. 2: I hate the gym

That’s fine. Yup, it’s totally okay to not love gymming. Or get easily bored by a treadmill routine. Or to not really warm up to Zumba. Every workout isn’t for everyone. But you’ve Fitternity – the website has a host of options to choose from – Pilates to gyms and everything in between. You will even find outdoor options if you must sweat it out outdoors. Are you really saying nothing works for you?

Excuse No. 3: Where is it? I don’t even know where to look.

If you can’t find a single fitness/dance class or gym around you, you are either in Mars or living in an area populated by Gujjus. Because everyone who has a body will need a good workout. Point is, you are either not looking hard enough or in the right places. Fitternity can be your guide to finding classes, gyms and healthy eating options near your place. Okay, log on already.

Excuse No. 4: It’s too expensive.

That’s a load of lies. Unless you are planning to go a gym where you can get facilities that you don’t need but fancy having around, a membership can work out to less than a Rs.1500 a month. Look for anniversary sales, yearly memberships (these go cheaper) and other such options. Or you can refer a friend and get discounts and also get healthy together. What you should totally do is take advantage of Fitmania where you can get to experience a class for as cheap as Rs. 99! Yeah, you heard that right. Get off your couch now.

Excuse No. 5: I have exercised before and didn’t lose weight

Yes, you probably didn’t and that can happen if you keep stuffing your face with loads of unhealthy things. If you are going to keep tucking into that cake late at night, it’s going to show up somewhere. And even the most intense workouts can’t change that. There are plenty of tips on eating healthy on my blog. You can also hit up http://www.fitternity.com where you will find healthy eating options around your place. Plus, as I quite aggressively promoted Fitmania, you know you can get your hands on some delish food for less right now. And you were saying?

This is a sponsored post. Check out the many options you have to amp up your fitness levels for less at http://www.fitternity.com/fitmania. There’s a contest coming up soon to stay tuned!


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