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Nail Service Review: Nail Spa Experience, Khar West

I scour high and low for places I should review. And I travel far and wide to review these places. Sometimes, I even take the western line. So I googled places that provided fantastic nail services. And the name Nail Spa Experience came up. Now, I am not saying this isn’t a good name but it’s a little awkward if you name a child ‘Human’. Anyway, the full name of this salon/spa is Nail Spa Experience Style Salon and Spa. Basically, it’s just a lot of adjectives. And I arrived at this place expecting it to be quite lovely, I mean, it was supposed to be all about nails. That’s not what happened. Here’s what did.

The Space


Despite its very elaborate name and fancy location, Nail Spa Experience is one long room. The reception table is on your left, two tables for nail art and then 3 chairs for manicures and pedicures. The space is quite cramped and most of the times, the clients seem to be furious. The walls are done up in gaudy gold and you keep wondering if it’s ‘that’ kind of spa. But there were enough women around the place to assure me of the place’s authenticity. It’s obvious from the beginning that this salon is known more for its nail art services than any other.

The Service

For a place that claims to specializes in nails, this place does a crappy job. Everything is in a complete disarray. They are definitely short of space and I swear there was this one guy who would just slink into the corner and hang out on the floor till some errand came up for him. He was a finisher – a term I made up. He’s the guy who puts stuff away and cleans up the area getting it ready for another client. Anyway, when I called up, I took an appointment with a guy who seemed very upset with his job. Once I got there, I was taken past grumbling customers and seated on a huge massage loungers with a basin at my feet.  And then it went downhill from there.

The Experience

For heated water for my feet and hands, they had a lady walking around with an unkempt kettle pouring out hot water. I assume they start making maggi with leftover hot water. Post this, my nails are filed, and some unknown cream is applied to the cuticles. Hands and feet are dipped in the water. My technicians look like they couldn’t care less about the job at hand. The towels they use look like they are in the second stage of decomposition and look completely unhygienic. The guy scrubbed my feet and didn’t even ask me to check if I thought they were soft enough (they do this everywhere else). The guy doing my nails (Hrithikesh or something) didn’t even care to clean them properly and was quite angry while pulling out my cuticles. Again, the massage cream used was Nivea! For Godsake, atleast invest in some decent pedicure equipments and products. I was offered a drink though. Tang, to be precise. I had to keep pointing out the things they were doing wrong. I was almost relieved when the treatment was over. This all happened even as in the background a lady complained about a staff member being late causing her appointment to get pushed but not her cuticles. The place also had men randomly walking in and out so I had to scramble to cover my legs with the towel properly to not indecently expose myself.  The nail polish application was shoddy and ugly and lasted all of 2 days. No base coat or top coat was applied.

In a jiffy

Salon: Nail Spa Experience Style Salon and Spa (Phew!). They have 3 other branches in Oshiwara, Breach Candy and Kandivali

Service availed: Manicure and Pedicure

The wallet is lighter by : Rs.1060 (inclusive of taxes)

Get in touch: Gr. Flr, Jai Niketan bldg, Opp. Camy Wafers, Near Gabana, 16th Rd, Khar (W)  Call : 022 65324444

Brands used: Random. And for the massage, Nivea.

Hygiene of salon and professional: Terrible and very questionable

Destress Quotient: 0.5 AAHs

Verdict: For someone that deals with nails and has a name that leads you think they specialize in it, they do a terrible job, have annoyed customers and overall staff that looks frustrated. Skip this place.

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