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3 Halal Nail Polish Brands You Can Stock Up On

Women do lots of things for fun. Unlike what the movies would lead you to believe, we do not spend hours at a pyjama party prettily whacking each other with pillows and laughing senselessly making fun of ex-boyfriends. The second bit may be true. It’s also true that we do like painting our nails and can make quite a ritual of it. So I believe it’s quite a downer to know that Muslim women aren’t allowed to paint their nails. Why? Because a religious ritual requires them to wash up (wudu) before offering prayers. During this ritual, water must touch their nails for it to be considered valid. This means that most Muslim women often give up on getting their talons polished in every imaginable hue.  I have put together a list of brands that offer ‘breathable nail polish’ that allows water through. While I cannot confirm the veracity of the claims of each of these brands, these are the brands you could explore. For non-muslim women as well, breathable nail polish might mean less yellowing and healthier nails. A win-win obviously.

Inglot O2M Breathable Nail Enamel


Inglot is a brand founded in Poland. Available widely around the world and known for its concept called the Freedom System, the brand has found quite a following. Inglot introduced its O2M Breathable Nail Enamels and the polishes have been flying off the shelves in Middle Eastern countries. The company claims that this range “that allows water and oxygen to pass through thanks to its special ingredient – a highly advanced polymer. The product helps keep the nails in the best condition while wearing nail enamel.”

Some people did conduct experiments with this polish and their results are here:

Love your Nails/Live Your Now (LYN)


This brand of nail paints offers 28 Halal certified shades. The company  claims that its polishes are water and air permeable and even has videos on youtube backing up this promise. The CH2OLOR COMPLEX formula of the brand is what allows the water and air through is company’s claim right now. I know that the brand is available in the UAE and in India now.

H by BCI

H by BCI

In June 2014, BCI Group introduced this nail enamel that is religiously compliant and even has a certificate from the Al Iman Islamic Society. The brand has 6 shades to choose from and is available in salons in the UAE. A given considering the product was first introduced in Beauty World Middle East. It’s priced at AED 60 which roughly works out to Rs. 1100.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be an expert on the religon or its rituals, this is simply a list of brands that offer water and air permeability as a feature. Feel free to draw your own conclusions. Please refrain from making discussions hateful.


  1. Habiba says

    I was really dissapointed by the claims that inglot made on their nailpolish. I researched how “halal” they really were and found out that water doesn’t go through them at all. Seems like their Canadian competitor Tuesday in Love is the only company that has some truth to their claims. Here’s a video I cam across recently and I hope that more girls aren’t being tricked by these false claims made by inglot.


    • Kinga says

      For my uni project on brands I’ve just performed the test myself comparing Inglot to OPI (as these two I had at home), and have got to admit that Inglot lets the water through when slightly patting it on the tissue (like the water needs some pressure to go through, but I guess when washing hands the water from the tap gets the pressure anyway), but also OPI is sort of water permeable, although it doesn’t say it is on the bottle. I recommend checking it yourself:)


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